Saturday, July 14, 2007

Doing Dallas - Etc.

I still plan on doing a more in depth post of some of the stuff going on here and what I've done. But I have a moment quiet moment here so I thought I'd drop in. We're all in the room at the moment, Sybil and Jane are asleep and Wendy is reading and I'm - well - I'm blogging.
You see we are all resting up for the next big event. We are going to a - are you ready for this?
Special By Invite Only cocktail party hosted by non other that
Nora Roberts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane told me yesterday that Sybil had arranged to get me in. The first thing I did was call sister Lisa, but damn! She wasn't in. So I had to leave a squealy squee on her voice mail. She called me back today and even she was excited for me and she doesn't read Nora.
I'm having SUCH a blast here!! I had a bit of a happy cry moment last night at a party held by Harlequin - more details on everthing coming soon.

And the books!! Sweet Betsy - the books!! I have So Many there is no way I could carry them all in luggage so I went to the courier place here in the hotel and had 2 big boxes shipped home. I don't know what it's going to cost - since they are crossing the border it works a bit different, but man oh man is it worth it. Am I going to have some great book give-aways since a lot of what I've picked up are books that don't appeal to me or I already have.

Well, I'm going to rest a bit now too - gotta look good at The Partee.

'til later


ReneeW said...

OMG. NORA! OK now I'm really jealous. Probably a good thing I'm not there because I'd either make an ass of myself gushing or be tongue tied with my eyes bugged out the whole time. Have fun!

Jenster said...

I'm jealous, too, and I've never even read Nora!! Todd is positively green with envy because he's the NR fan of the house. LOL

Lori said...

Oh wow! I'm summing up all my comments to your fabulous trip here. Holy crap! There. Totally jealous, green with envy and so totally happy and excited for you.

Stacy~ said...

What a thrill Kristie! I remember walking by her a few times last year, but never got the nerve to go up to her cuz I know what an idiot I can be while I'm gushing away.

I'm glad you're having such a fun time :)

Rosie said...

Your posts have been so wonderful because you are somehow able to translate your excitement, fun and joy of the experience. Thanks so much for that.

My only consolation is that I will hopefully be able to bribe Wendy with a cheesecake orgy so I can grill her up one side and down another to tell me EVERYTHING from every moment of the convention.

Can't wait to hear all your tales too.

nath said...

I am soooo green Kristie! TAke a lot of pics!! man, this is a trip you are so going to remember your whole life!