Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Doing Dallas - The Good, The Not So Bad, and The We're All Jealous of Her Books

Sybil's turn! Warning - this is going to be mushy
Of all my roommates I 'knew' Sybil the best before I met them all. We are in a couple of the same yahoo groups and although it's been a while now, we used to 'talk' for hours on end. Ron was working afternoons and my evenings were so quiet. I'd would get on the computer and see if Sybil was around and if she was we'd while away the hours. Often times others would be there too. Nicole was there and Jay and sometimes Angie too. Candy often showed up and Maili, who we all miss like the devil. The fun we had teasing Angie about the ending of Passion by Liza Valdez.
Ron would come walking in around 11:30 and I'd still be talking. He'd watch TV for a while and I'd still be talking. He'd go to bed and I'd still be talking. I've always known I could tell her anything and it would stay between just us.
Sometimes we'd email each other back and forth at work although I always felt a wee bit guilty doing that at work.
Sybil, more than anyone else I knew online knew what I was going through.
So when I decided to go to Dallas, it was just as much to meet Sybil as it was to go to the RWA. I didn't tell her any of this stuff while we roomed together - I'm not good at being mushy and I'd probably cry through it anyway.
So when I saw that she and Jane were going to the RWA, I did something very unlike me. I kind of invited myself. And she made me feel welcome in joining them.
We were talking a few days before it was time to leave and she told me she had something to tell me. Me, being me, asked if it was good or bad. She replied it was bad, very bad. Naturally I believed her. I think she got quite a kick out of that *g*
They she said, no - it was that she had arranged for us to go out for lunch with Lisa Kleyas. I'm surprised she didn't hear me squeal all the way from Texas when I read those words. And it was Sybil that asked if I could come the the party.
Meeting Sybil, and Jane and Wendy was just as exciting as anything else that happened in Dallas.
My first impression of her - she was shorter than I imagined - heh heh. And I thought she would be blond for some reason. As you now know by Jane's pic's she's not.
I've always admired her boldness - I've never had that much. And she is honest and will tell it like she sees it. I greatly admire that too.
I don't know how many people who were at the RWA know this, but she was suffering from Migraines for a few days. Now I haven't had migraines but Ron did and I know how much he suffered from them. Yet Sybil carried on like a trouper. She was such a delight to hang around with and meeting her and the other roomies was Most Excellent!
On Sunday morning Jane and Wendy were the first to go. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Jane - she slipped out - I think that's her style. I gave Wendy a big hug as she left the room. That left Sybil and me together for a while. We didn't talk about anything earth shattering. I don't even remember what we talked about. But as it came her time to leave, I hugged her and didn't want to let go.
If I don't see you before, I sure hope we can hang again next year in SF - all of us. You guys all made the trip what it was.

Love Kristie


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sybil said...

awww hon you would have made me cry too

I am very glad you got to come. And simply amazed everything worked out as well as it did. I really didn't think we were going to be able to get four people into places off two invites all the time.

And as much as I would love to take credit Lisa Kleypas really did plan most of the lunch and Nora Roberts was fab when I very crassly asked if we could take one more person to her party at the last min.

And Jane was just as happy you wanted to go to the RITA's as you were to go to them.

It was a great moment in time and really you should join and write that book! So we can all say we knew you when. ;)

Julia said...

Goodness! Am just so jealous you got to go to Dallas for RWA event. I would just love to have all my favorite authors in one room *grin*. I have lot of reading to do on your Dallas RWA travelogues. I must start from the beginning by scrolling below...

Thanks for sharing! Is it great to met Nora Roberts, Suzanne Brockmann and the other, isn't it *grin* :)


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