Thursday, February 16, 2006

Well, it's now officially been a year


Kristie Gets Mushy

It’s been a year to the day (minus a day 'cause it's still an hour away from midnight but I'm headed for bed and I have a big day tomorrow - gonna play poker after work with some friends) when I started this blog. I first started noticing blogs when I read Laurie Golds of AAR. I looked at her sidebar and recognized the names of some of the regular posters at AAR. Maili and Rosario are the two that come to mind the most. I checked theirs out and found more, Keishon , for example. Being out of work at the time and looking for ways to delay the job search, I decided “what the hell, why not?”. I’m still amazed that I actually got one up and running. I still have about three zygote blogs out there in cyberspace from failed attempts.
Since my overriding passion is romance books, I wanted to focus on different aspects of romance. Occasionally I figured I might blog about something entirely different – thus the etc part. I’ve always loved writing and even had thoughts of giving writing a romance book myself at one time – but I’ve since realized that’s not likely to happen. So having a blog has really satisfied that urge to write. But more important, I’ve discovered something else. Blogging has really enriched my life.

This is where I really start getting mushy

I’ve said before that none of my friends or family are nearly the romance book fan that I am. I wondered for a while what was wrong with me. Why did I seem so out of control? Then I discovered TRR and soon after that AAR. I realized there was a whole lot of readers just like me. After discovering this, whenever my sisters raised their eyebrows at me for some of the odder quirks such as having boxes of books I’ve never read while still buying more, or always buying purses that could hold at least 2 books - mom purses they call them - I could proudly say “I’m not alone, I have PEOPLE.”
Well, once I started blogging, things changed somewhat. While before some of the romance-centric bloggers were just names on the AAR bulletin boards whose posts I enjoyed, now they started becoming real as we interacted. I found more and more blogs out there to read and enjoy and wonder of wonders, they started reading mine too. There was a bit of a discussion about blogs recently at AAR with the gist being some posters just weren’t interested, but for me it’s been a wonderful way to connect deeper with fellow romance fanatics. I’ve discovered we come in all walks of life and from all over the world. From Canada to all across the US, across the ocean to England, to the south in Uruguay, to Haiti, France, even as far away as Australia and Singapore. What we all share is a deep and abiding love for romance books. Most of us are different as night and day, we come in such a large age and cultural range, yet in some ways it seems I have just as much in common with many bloggers than I do with close friends. So for those who have dropped by just to read – thanks. I hope you enjoyed the visit. For those who have stopped by and left comments again thanks for taking the time. I’ve read and enjoyed all of them.
And to those who helped me – a techno-newbie– with pictures and designing the look of the blog and any and all advice – thank you for your time and generosity.
Some I have come to know even better – through exchanging emails and chatting. Although I haven’t been able to chat lately, I really miss it and those I “talked” too. I would start mentioning names, but then I would be bound to forget to mention someone and feel bad. But I just have to mention Jay (who met Krisite once) and Nicole as my two best chat buddies. And Sybil – well you are so special too. Heck – everybody is! I always check all blogs at the side and more besides that when I find them - ones that I haven’t added - yet and each and every one of you are great.

Now when my sisters look at me for one of my strange habits I think “It’s not just people I have anymore – it’s I have FRIENDS.” And I’m looking forward to making more! It seems there has been a romance reader blog explosion lately – and I like it!

OK the mushy stuff is over now.

But before I post this

A big THANK YOU to all.

‘til later


CindyS said...

Happy One Year Anniversary!!

You smote me at mushy.

Now I want to see the zygote blogs ;) I saw over at Angie's that she mentioned that she posts on a test blog first and then posts on her real blog. I'm like, really? Why? I think I am figuring it out ;)

I've always considered you the one 'who takes you under her wing'. You're very generous and willing to help out and that is greatly appreciated!

It's funny now how I will be talking to someone and say, Kristie or Renee or Maili said ... and they'll look and me and go, who?

Bob gets a kick out of the fact that at night I can go and visit friends on the net and talk about reading and life and movies and stuff. I'm lucky to have found such an outlet in my life. Even though I will never allow myself to be a shut-in again, there is a comfort in knowing that there are people I *know* from all sorts of cool places that I can talk with no matter what time it is!

Have fun on poker night! I would so love to do something like that but I *know* I have the capacity for darkness and gambling would be my vice.


Mad said...

Happy Blogiversary! :) I used to think I was alone in my book obsession until I found all the ladies online too. :)

sybil said...

awwww hon we can always count on you for the very best in mush ;)

But really we are the lucky ones for having you. Have a great poker night, win some book money!

Rosario said...

Amen, to all you've said! Your mushy part killed me and made me cry :-D

Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: I have 4 of them out there that aren't even blogs. The last one I created on WordPress just the other day. I have this thing with forgetting passwords..... I have a test blog but it was CW that set that up.

Mad: thanks for your visits. You're next on the sidebar list. Isn't it a wonderful thing to discover we are not alone?

Sybil: since I've never played poker before, I consider the $10 lost before I even enter, but it's with the girls I used to work with so it will be a nice chance to visit and catch up. I'm just ticked they still invite me to these get togethers still over a year after I left.
And - the group - what can I say? You're the one that got that going.

Rosario: you're a big reason I started blogging. I was thrilled when I saw yours and so excited at getting to know you better.

Marg said...

As someone who only started blogging not too long ago myself I have to say that I agree!! It's lovely to read it put into words though!

Megan Frampton said...

Happy Anniversary!

I like having friends like you, too. Thanks for the mushy post.

Tara Marie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Poker!! How fun is that??

I know exactly how you feel about the "friends" thing. My husband and family can't understand it, but it's amazing how the love of books can pull together so many people from all over the world

Have fun tonight.


Nicole said...

Happy blogiversary!

We all need to chat some more, or at least pick a time to do it. .


ag said...

Happy Anniversary, Kristie! Awww.. it's one of the touching speeches I've heard in a while.

I remeber the day you left comment on my post last November. It was the happiest day of my blogging life. Suddenly, I've got friends in distant lands who share my passion for romance reading.

Thanks for bringing me into the fold, Kristie. And to all you ladies, your friendship has truly changed my life, time difference notwithstanding.

Jay said...

awww Kristie :) I love that you put into words what I think all of us feel. Even though I've never "met" any of you guys (though Megan and I will get together one day dammit!) yall are my friends. Plain and simple.

CW said...

Happy 'versary!

Now I want a group hug.


Karen Scott said...

Happy anniversary Kristie, that was a lovely blog entry!

Alyssa said...

Happy anniversary, Kristie!


ReneeW said...

You do the best mush! Happy blogiversary from me too. You expressed exactly how I feel about everyone too. Have fun playing poker.

Avid Reader said...

Hey, THANK YOU for sticking around.


erika said...

I'm glad that I've found blogs heck that goes for the online romance reading community too cause no one I know reads Romance and its so nice to rant and rave about this genre with other readers.

And happy anniversary too!

Anonymous said...

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