Thursday, February 09, 2006

Last Nights Lost

Warning Will Robinson

There will be spoilers in this one.

OK, I’m going to need a bit of help understanding last nights episode. I was a bit confused at the end of it. So the whole thing was a con run by Charlie and Sawyer I gather - right from the beginning. If I’m getting it right, Charlie wanted revenge on Locke for the deal with Clare and being punched out. He wanted to make Locke look bad. I’m not quite sure what Saywer’s motive was. Was it because everyone took his stuff? Or because he lost his spot as the resident bad guy? And was it Charlie who knocked out Kim?
And is anyone else wondering if the girl in Sawyer’s back story was the girl he was referring to when he said in a semi-conscious state that “I love her” and not Kate after all? I still see a Kate and Sawyer thing though ‘cause Kate seems to really understand where he is coming from.
And did anyone feel sorry for the girl (can’t remember her name – I’m so bad with names) in the back story? I did, although in a way it’s like that old story about the hare (or any different animal) carrying the snake across the river as a favour. When the snake bites the rabbit, the rabbit asks, as he lies dying, why did you kill me when I did you a favour. And the snake answers “you knew what I was when you carried me.” And she really did get into the con game and want to con others. But still - that was a real bad think he did.
And *chuckling* as I was watching it last night, I was wondering what Tara was thinking of this episode. It didn’t show Sawyer in a favourable light at all and since I don’t think she has watched last season yet, she hasn’t really been exposed to the bad, conniving side of Sawyer. Although he surely does look good wrapped in nothing but a towel. And you notice his back scenes seem to feature him in bed with someone? I think some of the Sawyer fence sitters may have been pushed off on and over to the “don’t like him” side.

So – thoughts anyone else?


Tara Marie said...

OMG--that was great, watched it last night and watched it again this morning.

1. I still haven't seen last season, but Sawyer really is a bad boy--love that.

2. Sawyer's a con artist, a good con artist has everything in their control and completely understand human nature good and bad. So maybe there is a "new sheriff in town."

3. Charlie definitely knocked out Kim--he tells Sawyer that she can't know what he did.

4. I agree I still see the Kate/Sawyer thing, but it's taken a couple of steps back.

5. Don't you think the con inadvertently proves they need to be better prepared?

6. Her name was Cassidy, and you're right you play with snakes you're going to get bit.

7. Wasn't the waitress in the dinner when Sawyer meets Gordie Kate's mother? She seemed familiar to Kate's flashback in the dinner when she was saying goodbye.

8. I still don't trust Locke.

9. I guess Charlie got even, but is it going to bite him in the butt?

10. Can't wait for next week. The clock goes to 0. It should be interesting.

Kristie (J) said...

Good catch on Kate's mother. I'm always missing that kind of thing but that's what makes this show so fascinating - all the links and trying to spot them all.
New sheriff in town - yea - I like that.
You're right - Sawyer must know human nature pretty good to be able to work a con that detailed and that long.
Charlie has traveled to the dark side - that's for sure.

Nikki said...

what about at the end when Sayid and Hurley are listening to that 50s music and Sayid said that signal could be coming from anywhere and then Hurley say or any time!?!?!? What!!!!!!! Now we time traveled?!?!? NO WAY

CindyS said...

I was stunned that it was Charlie in the end but that is why this show is so great. Kristie, he was the one who hurt Sun and he said no one could ever find out what he did to her. I also liked that he didn't want the drugs. 'I would have grabbed them if I wanted them.'

I wondered why the camera included the waitress in the diner. Good catch by Tara Marie.

So there was no partner in his backstory - right? When he looked at the other side of the car and there was no one there I thought it meant that the 'other' guy was his own self.

What I found interesting was that no one went against Sawyer. Jack and Locke had nothing to say when he showed up. Well played.

I thought he did the con to re-enforce his own idea that he is a bad man. Jack took his stuff and nobody ever messed with him before he went out on the raft.

Also, I couldn't figure out what Hurley was saying and when I played it over for the 3rd time I didn't understand it. Now, I get it. Thanks Nikkismith.

I don't know if you guys watch Deadwood by Cassidy is a Madame on that show but she is blonde. It was weird to see her and I couldn't place her for a bit but then I figured it out. Just FYI ;)


Misty G said...

You know, does anyone else notice that Sawyer is pretty much connected to everyone in some way shape or form? He's connected to Jack and Kate by their parents, isn't he connected to someone in Hurley's past? And I think he's shown at the air port with Jin and Sun. Whenever there is a back story he seems to have some sort of connection with the other people. They haven't shown him with "everyone" but they do seem to have him pop up in back stories. What's up with that?

Misty G said...

Oh, and I was on IMDB, I noticed something that may be important, or probably isn't anything at all. The kid who plays Walt is listed as being on the show from 2004-2005. The other current cast members are listed as though to say he's not on the cast anymore. Though that could just mean he's not on contract, but still a part of the show.

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