Friday, February 24, 2006

The FIRST of my poker winnings

Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas
Don't hate me Cindy. I feel like I'm raining on your parade - but I couldn't NOT get it could I?????? I mean, as Sybil points out, she does mention a certain someone.

Beloved Stranger - Patricia Potter
I used to love her historicals but then she switched to RS which I didn't like nearly as much. But it looks like she's writing historicals again. Now - if only she will go back to Westerns the world will be a brighter place.

The Devil's Knight - Lucy Blue
I know, I know, I don't "do" vampires. But I loved Lover Eternal! And I love her books under Jayel Wylie

The Warrior - Heather Grothaus
Since I love to try new authors - and it was only $5.99 (this is Canada remember - check the fine print) and it is a medival. Even though Bam did a wickedly funny snark on the cover I got it anyway.

'til later


CindyS said...

That's okay, I'm doing my happy dance because of all the books I ordered, Loretta Chase's turned up today - squeeeee!!

Did you do a review of the Lucy Blue book? I have that one in the TBR pile but I have never heard another word so I didn't want to admit to anyone I had it. I was going to put it up in the 'which should I read next' blog. I have My Demon's Kiss - hey, if you liked it, it's coming out of the pile. I'm still all aglow from Pamela Clare's book. I will never doubt you again!!

Can't wait to hear how you enjoy your winnings!


Kristie (J) said...

I HAVE My Demon's Kiss, but in one of those bizzaro romance reader habits I have, I haven't read it yet before I bought the next one. It's of great comfort to me to know that others share that same habit of buying a number of an authors books without ever having read a one.
And happy you that the Chase book arrived *grin*. Now I don't feel so bad. The other big one I have to recommend (besides The One) is Whispers of Heaven. Just as Ride the Fire was THE book of 2005 that stood out the most, WOH was for me, THE book of 2001

Anonymous said...

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