Thursday, February 16, 2006

Last Nights Lost


Lots o' questions

Well, another most excellent episode I thought although once again I was confused.

Sayid said he was The Torturer. I think he started his career as an "information gatherer" when he got the location of the pilot for the American soldiers. Then they let him go. I presume he went on to his new career for the Iraqui army after that, but how could he go back to the army after torturing his comanding officer? Wouldn't someone have found out he worked for the Americans?

What are they doing to some of the characters this year?

Jack - last season he allowed Sayid to get information out of Sawyer - one of their own - with out much compuction - and Sawyer didn't even have the medicine yet last night he was willing to risk the entire world to save someone from Sayids brand of "information gathering" who was probably guilty. I don't get that.

Sawyer - what are they doing to his character? Last season he was a bad boy but showed signs of good underneath but not this season. Last week he ran a con and stole the guns, last night he squished a frog.

John Locke - how does he manage to keep his white T-shirts so clean?

The guy they captured - I'm thinking he is definetly one of the others.

For a deserted island, there sure are a lot of different groups and people running around. We have the front part of the plane people and the tailies, although they've united now. We have The Others. We have Danielle. And we have the guy, whose name escapes me, who manned the hatch.

And in other Wednesday night television news:

I know who I'm going to be cheering for on American Idol. Is Ace a hottie or what? I don't know if he can sing or not, but he sure will look good in the trying. I was fanning myself right along with Paula last night. The other contestant sure was right - he is pretty.

Not a very good picture but it's all I could find on short notice


Tara Marie said...

It was a good episode, but I'm a little "lost" because I haven't seen last season yet.

It felt like a role reversal for Locke and Jack.

Locke: Preparing for war bad, torturing "others" okay?

Jack: War good, but torturing "others" bad?

Sawyer killing the frog didn't surprise me.

And, did the countdown clock actually go down to zero? and what were all those symbols and are they usually there?

Someone needs to explain about Claire going missing for 2 weeks, was that before she had the baby?


Kristie (J) said...

Yes, she was kidnapped in the middle of the night by Ethan, one of The Others who had infiltrated the group. When she went missing and Charlie went after her. They (the others) hung Charlie and Jack found him hanging and on death’s door. When he recovered, Charlie was devastated that he hadn’t rescued Claire (who was very pregnant at the time). – Thus Sayid question at the end of the show about had Charlie forgotten what The Others did to him. About two weeks after Claire disappeared, she mysteriously reappeared with no memory of what had happened since the plane crashes. Ethan attempted to kidnap her again, but was shot to death by Charlie

Leya said...

I really enjoyed last nights Lost. Wow, it just keeps on getting better and better. Anyway, I thought the ending was really good, Sayid and Charlie talking. Sayid does have a point...It seems like the Jack and Locke have forgotten what happened to Claire and Charlie.

Kristie (J) said...

Another thing that I mentioned in the blog but if you haven’t seen last season – there was an episode – the one that contained The Kiss (you really are going to have to see last season so you can see The Kiss - once you do, you'll know why I always captilize it - on of The Hottest Kisses - Ever!! bar none!!) where they all thought Sawyer was hiding some medicine that Shannon needed for asthma. Sawyer refused to tell them where it was and Jack allowed Sayid to use whatever means necessary to find out where Sawyer had the medicine. Sayid drove bamboo sticks under Sawyers nails. Sawyer screamed. I squirmed. It was Kate that made them put a stop to it when she said she would get it out of Sawyer – thus The Kiss. That was Sawyer’s price. Then after The Kiss – that clearly included tongues - Sawyer said he never did have it which is one of the odd things about Sawyer. He allows them to think the very worst of him when he isn’t so bad – at least last season he wasn’t.
So if Jack allowed Sayid to torture Sawyer last season, it irked me that he went so soft last night.

Kristie (J) said...

Oops – forgot to say – I wondered what those numbers that flashed up meant too – and I’ve seen every episode now! I’m a bit slow on the uptake and missed what exactly they were – except to think they must mean something. And I don’t know if it counted past the time either – although the island didn’t blow up. And Leyla – you’re right. It seems as if Jack and Locke are almost ready to let bygones be bygones – forgetting what they did last season and even earlier this season when the others stole Walt and tried to kill the gang on the raft.
And why does no one seem concerned about what happened to Michael? They aren’t looking for him or anything.
And boy speaking of Locke and Jack – aren’t they almost coming to loggerheads?

P.Devi said...

I thought last night's episode was fascinating, although I missed the part where Sawyer killed the frog. Probably a good thing.

Were those symbols on the clock Egyptian heiroglyphs? Very ominous.

As to Sayid, I don't think the Iraqi commander lived to tell anyone about Sayid's cooperation with the Americans. If that CIA operative (or whoever) wasn't picky about having a prisoner brutally tortured, I don't think he'd be concerned about taking that prisoner's life in revenge for the dead U.S. pilot.

Kristie (J) said...

Well, it was pretty funny in a sick kind of way. Sawyer and Hurley were looking for the frog that was driving Sawyer crazy. When they finally found it, he was holding it in his hand, looking at it and said something like "you're a happy little fellow aren't you" Hurley looked at it and offered to like Dude, take it and move it to a beach a few miles away so it wouldn't bother Sawyer anymore. Sawyer said "Or we could do this" and he squished it and gave it to Hurley.

Good point about the Iraqui officer.

P.Devi said...

Aww. Doesn't Sawyer know frogs are dying off in alarming numbers?

Also, was that Kate's dad in the truck with Sayid at the end? I thought the photo he was looking at seemed to be of her.

I'd like to know why Sayid was in Australia, unless that's already been covered by a previous show and I missed it.


Tara Marie said...

Also, was that Kate's dad in the truck with Sayid at the end? I thought the photo he was looking at seemed to be of her.

Oh man, did I miss this one?

P.Devi said...

Also, glad to see they're addressing the fact that Hurley hasn't lost any weight on the island.

I wish I hadn't missed last week's episode. Sawyer is one of my favorite characters on the show. I find them all intriguing except Jack, who just grates on me.


CindyS said...

You all started without me!!

I loved this episode. Every character is getting darker which I think is why maybe they are the 'chosen'. Remember the Other in the tailies group who told Ana Lucia that the ones they took were innocent - whatever that means.

Jack never wanted to push the button so letting it go didn't seem like much of a gamble to me. Locke would let Sayid torture someone but needed to push a button. I'm wondering if it has something to do with psychology. Someone in imminent danger vs. everyone in a perceived danger.

I loved the ending where Sayid asked Charlie if he had forgotten. What's funny, is that I have been watching this from the beginning and *I* had forgotten so it was like the writers saying - yeah, you've met the Others but do remember just how bad they are?

Ethan - the original Other seemed invincible. I'm not sure if you guys agree or not but it took 5 bullets to kill him. He took Claire and Charlie together and left Charlie hanging in a tree. He took Jack out and had movements that were so fluid and terrifying that when I finally saw the 'others' I couldn't see how they could be like Ethan. Ethan was well dressed and well kept. Also the guy with Ana's group was also well kept and well dressed. The 'Others' seem like a scruffy band of misfits so who are really the 'Others'?

The guy in the Hatch now isn't who he is saying he is because Sayid said he would remember everything about where he buried his wife and that's true.

I was surprised that Sawyer killed the frog. Even Harley was shown to have a hidden side by hiding food. Cool.

I saw the picture of Kate so I wondered if that was her real father or the step father. She killed he stepfather, right?

Kristie, I have time shifting now so I saw the preview for next weeks episode. This weeks was all men, next week it's the women.

Claire finally does something other than be a victim. She goes looking! I'm really excited because knowing who I am, I'm pretty sure I would look at the men and say 'yeah, yeah, enough with the there, there crap, I'm going hunting' ;)

Obviously this episode excited me ;)

Oh and yes, I think the characters that started to show on the clock were hieroglyphs. An eagle, a feather and I'm not sure what the third one was. I was stunned that he was able to hit enter and have the clock reset. I was all ready to find out WTF is going on!

Jack - doctor. I think he thought if he didn't get the asthma meds for Shannon that she could die. Sawyer wasn't going to die. I don't remember Jack being able to stand there and watch what Sayid did and I think Jack patched Sawyer up afterwards. Definitely a slippery slope he is on.


Anonymous said...

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