Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Want to read a hoot of a story?

Yes, I'm being a link slut. This is to avoid doing the math and science quizz that every one seems to be doing and most are passing. Me - I'm afraid to even try it.

Anyway - for a hoot of a story, check out Giselle's blog.

Renee asks an interesting question.

Aren't you glad we don't the covers they do in France? See Gabrielle's blog for proof.

CindyS really did some research and came up with some great quotes!

And Happy Blogday to Wendy!

Now I'm off to write up my (one) new author book I read for AngieW's February challenge because I did it Angie! I did it. I'll have it ready soon. (forgot there were only 28 days this month)

'til later

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