Monday, February 13, 2006

How many of these are there anyway?

For Ag who just read her first Judith McNaught - which happens to be my favourite book of hers . And for Where's My Hero who is thinking of giving McNaught a shot. I think there must be at least four different covers of this one. Any other different ones out there?

This one happens to be one of my more beat up books. They are usually in much better shape. But I bought it at a UBS.

And a thank you again to my son who bought me a scanner for Christmas :) so I can do this kind of thing now.

'til later


Nicole said...

Hey, you're one up on me in the technology department. I can barely use our scanner. I scanned something once and now I can't figure out how to do it again.

Tara Marie said...

A new scanner--nice. I have one that I've never used, my old system didn't have enough ports to hook it up and the the new one (5 years old--LOL) only has USB ports, which isn't compatible with the scanner, besides all the USB ports are being used anyway.

Now aren't you glad I shared all that useless info with you.

I think your McNaught is an original cover.

CW said...

Sweet, a scanner. :P I think you scanned (go Kristie!) an original. Clinchy. Heh.

OT: Tara Marie, you can buy USB-PS2 converters. You might also be able to buy USB hubs to give yourself more ports; not sure about that but worth a try.

ag said...

whoa ... I couldn't even find this cover on Google Image search. Keep this safe ... who knows one day it'll be priceless!!