Friday, February 24, 2006

Degrees of Frustration update

Well, I met with the social worker. She was very nice and sincerely apologetic that she hadn't returned my calls. It seems she was off work on Monday and Tuesday and when she returned on Wednesday, had 27 calls to return.

I didn't have to get angry - which was a relief as I really don't do anger well. Or, on the other hand I do it too well - I'm not sure which * see further down. And I didn't have to apologize for loosing my temper since I managed to direct it somewhere else.

She was very impressed with all the stuff Ron had organized. Even I was astonished when I looked at him as he pulled out all the statements he's gotten in the mail dating back to December - that arrive weekly. I'd told him earlier how heavy the bag was that I carry around - now I know why.

It turns out it's a very simple process to switch gears - simply sending in one form to the Employment Office, but we did need the attending doctor's signature. Since he has two that wasn't hard to get - and no, it wasn't Dr. Noshow who signed it.

The frustrating part - they had to delay the big chemo another week due to low white blood cell count.

I must admit though I did get a chuckle later in the day when someone posted this:

I can certainly accept that some people are filled with rage or
anger or “negative feelings’ but really, are we supposed to “express them” by
dumping it onto OTHERS??
I have an old fashioned belief in bucking up,
turning lemons into lemonade, being polite.
What does politeness and
kindness have to do with anger and negative feelings??
If someone is filled
with angst and anger and negativity, a good counselor might help. Don’t dump it
onto the rest of us.
My humble opinion.I don’t have a lot of time for the
self indulgent let it all hang out communication methods that some seem to find
de rigeur for these times.
A little kindness please!

in reply to a post I did at RTB. My apologies *grin* for dumping on the rest of you. I'm off to find that good counselor.

'til later

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