Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I am simply flat out crazy about these books! I’ve already read Crazy Hot and Crazy Cool twice and it was reading these ones for the second time that pulled me out of the slump I was mired in. So you can imagine how anxious I’ve been to get my hands on Crazy Wild. Enough so that I put aside Cherry on Top – even though BJ is waiting for my opinion on it – and I will get to it I promise. But first I had, just had to read Memory in Death. And then I had to read, just had to read The Devil’s Waltz. And then I had to read, just had to read Crazy Wild.
I can’t put my finger on exactly why I’m so mad for these books. They are over the top, completely unbelievable and escapism at it’s finest. I guess that’s why.

Anyway – on to Crazy Wild.
This one is just as fast-paced as the first two. In this book we meet Creed Rivera, a character who was mentioned in the first two but whom we had yet to meet. Creed is a wreck, a complete and utter mess. For anyone who has read the first two, he is still very much traumatized by the experience he had of being captured by drug lords and having to watch them torture and murder his best friend JT Chronopolous. He has mostly recovered physically from his ordeal, though he will never be 100& again, but mentally he should probably be in a pysch ward. Nevertheless he is assigned to “bring in” a major player, Cordelia Stark in a bid to sell a nuclear bomb to the highest bidder. But the trouble is, she is not really the villainess she is thought to be. Creed tracks her down and saves her, and saves her again and along the way begins to realize this himself.
While reading this one, I lost track of the villains early on. It seems everyone and their mother is wanting this bomb. And you know what? I just didn’t care. I just went with it and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. While there weren’t as many sex scenes in this one as in the previous two, the ones that were there though were……hot! I’ve said before that often while reading a book, I skim the sex scenes. Not in Tara Janzens books. They are simply too well written to skim. And another thing that slightly concerned me in Crazy Cool didn’t happen in this one. It seemed as if in Crazy Cool, she was introducing a few too many characters, but this one is much simpler and streamlined. We have Creed and Cody and the set-up of Dylan – the cool and debonair leader and Skeeter Bang, the young street girl rescued by the guys at Steele Street. Bam, I don’t know if you’ve read these ones, but I think you would love Skeeter. She is just too cool for words and I’m already counting down the days until their story. And this is me – me the reader who doesn’t do this kind of shit (oops – stuff). Kid and Nikki aren't in this one and the heroes from the other books are just mentioned in passing so it may work well as a standalone. I must admit I was relieved to see that too many characters isn’t a trend.
Creed is simply wonderful! Wounded beyond belief, I think he’s my favourite hero so far in the series. And Cody is more than able to hold her own with him. Forced into situations beyond what she can handle, I think she makes a great heroine.
I looked these up at Amazon and it looks like she has at least three more lined up. You know the expression, there are exceptions to every rule? Well, I’m thinking if the rest of the Crazy books keep up like the first three, my four book in a series limit is out the window with these ones.

Thank goodness February is a short month! We have the next installment out the 28th.

Grade 5 out of 5

'til later


Hands up - how many who have read this now have that song running through their heads?

*evil grin*


Nikki said...

I am crazy about this crazy series! I laughed because I have read these book twice already, too!! Kid and Nikki...I can't wait. My 11 year old son loves to tease me because he says "What are you going to read first Mom, Devil in Winter or Crazy Kisses?!?!?" (They come out on the same day) Then he laughs because I just can't figure it out!! This series is pure fun and laughs and I am always up for that!

Kristie (J) said...

Nikkismith: Both on the same day you say???? Woa! That's going to be a tough choice - Evie & Sebastian or Nikki & Kid. That one might just need a coin toss!
And have you read Crazy Wild yet? And your 11 year old son knows and accepts that you read romance? You're teaching him early. Coooool.

Nikki said...

kristie, Yes I read Crazy wild and loved it! Yes, my son knows I read romance. He and my husband love to tease me about it! I love my books. Romance gets no respect!! I'm proud I read it. I tell Dane(my son) if he wants to know what women want all he has to do is read one! (Of course only when he is alot older!) He knows all my favorite authors and the names of the couples. He is so sweet to be interested in my stuff! I drag him out to the bookstore at least once a week!

ReneeW said...

Kristie, you're killing me here. Memory in Death, Devil's Waltz and now Crazy Wild. I can't keep up! And you have three more in your sidebar I want too. I managed to find Devil's Waltz and I have Memory in Death on hold at the library. I made a half hearted attempt to find Crazy Wild but no luck. There are just too many new books I want. I feel a need to go shopping because I really NEED Crazy Wild. But my nightstand is going to explode soon so I'm trying to hold back. Jealousy is not pretty. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Renee: I hear you. Did you know that Nicole has a copy of Surrender? I had to get Memory, otherwise I probably would have had to wait way too long. And there are just way to many good books out these days and March doesn't promise to get any better for those of us who want to curtail our book buying. There are at least 4 MUST BUYS coming out. *sigh* it never ends.
And not to make things worse, but you are right. You NEED to get Crazy Wild.

ReneeW said...

Kristie: Crap, I'd forgotten about that. I remember seeing the mail and it went over my head at the time. One more for the wish list. Thanks for the reminder :)

Bam said...

I stopped reading the In Death series by #15 (which one was that?) because I just got tired of the Eve Dallas/Roarke shenanigans and they just started to blur together after a while.

I haven't yet read any of the "crazy" books. But I don't have any money right now. Spring quarter is coming up and I have to sell half of my liver on the black market to afford tuition. :(

Anonymous said...

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