Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lost - Well nuts!

Just when I'm ready to start something regular, a Thursday-after-Lost blog gab, they go and throw in a repeat. So I don't know if there is a point since not only was tonights episode a repeat, it was a repeat from last season. So I suppose we could do some ranting on the fact that after almost a month of repeats we get only two (or was it three) new episodes before we get a repeat.

Whatever happened to the days - ah I remember them - vaguely - when we got a full season's worth of shows before summer reruns. The new season would start the first week in September and all shows would be new until the middle of May. It kind of ran the same as a school year. There may have been one repeat sometime in December, but a lot of shows had special Christmas episodes. These days it seems there is a month of new shows followed by a month of repeats during the whole month of December. Then January we might see a few new ones followed again by repeats until the February sweeps. Then many a show goes on hiatus, while they try out different shows. Then our favourite show might come back for a few more then that's it. I don't even think they have May sweeps anymore.

I really don't like this new way at all, no I don't! It's nice to get into a rythm and flow of a show, but that's next to impossible anymore.


And when you watch as little TV as I do, well it just bites.

'til later


The Doggy Did It said...

oh I am so on board, this blows, we just got our dvr hooked back up after moving, and my dh works afternoons now, so I got the dvr as soon as possible for Lost, because it is the only show that he really watches on a regular basis...(we have never missed an episode) of course the last two weeks were new, and tonite was an OLD rerun...ugh I hate reruns!!!


Tara Marie said...

You know what really annoys me, it was an episode I already saw. I've only seen a handful from last season

They have to be back next week right??

Kristie (J) said...

Yes thank goodness next weeks is a new episode

Kaitlin said...

Oh, I agree wholeheartedly with you on this one. I have to wait until March for new episodes of Alias and this is the last season!!! *sniffle*

I've got a DVR though, so all of Lost is recorded. I watched the first three episodes of the season, but haven't been in the mood to watch. What is up with that? LOL!

I do love moments of the episode that replayed last night. Hurley rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

Kristie, I too was disappointed about Lost last night, but I did see something I hadn't seen when it was aired before. The part where Hurley got the numbers..from the guy in that institution. Who is that guy? See? I wasn't paying attention because I thought I had seen it already. So...part of it was new to me.
I hate reruns. I watch ER too and it has been reruns for 2 weeks. I'm sorry, but don't these actors ever work? What's with the repeats?