Friday, August 15, 2008

King, Gleason, and Kenyon oh my!

Can I saw how excited I am that Stephen King has a new anthology of short stories coming out in November? (Even though the cover does something freaky to my eyes)

Just After Sunset: Stories (Nov. 2008, Scribner) Just After Sunset-call it dusk, call it twilight, it's a time when human intercourse takes on an unnatural cast, when nothing is quite as it appears, when the imagination begins to reach for shadows as they dissipate to darkness and living daylight can be scared right out of you. It's the perfect time for Stephen King.

And since Just After Sunset is still a few months away, why not sink your teeth into Colleen Gleason’s Gardella Vampire Chronicles? If you are not reading this series, you are seriously missing out. The latest book in this on-going series, When Twilight Burns (number 4) is available now and I can say that this is the best book in Gleason’s series. Where else can you read about a regency vampire slayer, who has a way with a stake, and two men at her disposal? By now most are aware of the on-going love triangle between the shady yet seductive, Sebastian Vioget, Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy and the broody, “I need a therapist” Max Peasro. Perhaps I am a bit too critical about Max because I am a Sebastian fan so much so that whenever Colleen or the Gardella series is brought up, I make sure to post the two words- TEAM SEBASTIAN!

When Twilight Burns brings the action back to London, England after the last two books took place in Rome. Not only are vampires still sucking the blood and lives of unsuspecting people at night, but now there is one or perhaps more who are striking during the day, and Victoria is being framed for these crimes. Poor Victoria never gets a break. Her mentor, aunt Eustacia who was the oldest living Venator, was killed and now Victoria has no one to guide her. Victoria is adrift, trying to keep her secret night life, just that, a secret. She still can’t get over the memory of her husband she had to stake because he became a vampire and her feelings for Max, which have become more of an attraction, puts her at odds with herself because Max was the one to kill Eustacia. Then there is Sebastian, who is a Venator like Victoria, but walks a fine line because his grandfather, who is one of the head vampire honchos, so Victoria doesn’t know where his loyalties really lie.

There is a lot of action and vampire ass kicking that you won’t want to miss, plus Victoria, in a round about way makes a decision on whom she loves. I still think whom she ends up with could go either way. Max and Victoria have a major earth shattering moment between them, much more so than the heated kiss they shared in The Bleeding Dusk and Sebastian finally tells Victoria how he feels for her. Victoria is torn between these two men. She wants Sebastian in the physical sense but she can’t trust him, whereas with Max she cares for him because he is lost in the world, much like the way Victoria feels sometimes.

If you think love triangles and blood thirsty vampires aren’t enough, Victoria also has a big personal problem that may destroy her life. She may have a lot more in common with these creatures she hunts than she could ever have imagined.

Again, if you are not reading Colleen Gleason’s, Gardella Legacy, I am giving you a call to action to hop to it. Remember how I said this was an “on-going” series? Well, come March 2009, this series will come to and end with As Shadows Fade.

And guess where I will be tonight:

Acheron Book Tour with Sherrilyn Kenyon at Borders:

Fri. August 15th, 7:00 PM
10 Columbus Circle

New York
, NY **maybe I can get Christine to wear her demon horns ;D The proof will be in the pictures I will be taking**

And, make sure to come back next week because I will be posting my review for this:

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Stacy~ said...

I haven't read Stephen King in years, though I glommed all his books when I was a teenager. Couldn't get enough.

I'm half-way through "When Twilight Burns" - it's so good! I have to admit, that waltz with Max...hmmm. Sebastian's got some competition here. But I'm still voting for the Frenchman. And I'm so excited cuz I'm meeting Colleen tonight!

Christine said...

I skipped the first part of this post... I'm at the second book in the Gardella series.

See you later tonight. I will bring the demon horns in my bag and maybe.... just maybe... will let you take a picture of me with them on. Especially if Sherrilyn is wearing fangs. ;)

I can't wait to read Hostage to Pleasure. I've always liked Dorian, but really loved him in Mine To Possess. The convo he had with Talin in the helicopter was one of my favorite scenes in that book. I've heard so many awesome things about HtP and I want in on the awesomeness!

JenB said...

Ack, my eyes!!! *dizzy*

I've never read Stephen King. I own some horror books, but I'm afraid to read them. Jen = pansy.

And what's this about unnatural human intercourse? Sounds like something I'd be into! LOL

Sarah said...

I thought Hostage to Pleasure was fabulous! She really digs more into the Psy world. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Ciara said...

I've been wanting to read the Gardella series for awhile now. I want to see pictures from the signing!! And you should go in costume. Can you top this?

Carolyn Crane said...

I definitely want to see those pictures!!

KT Grant said...

I am wearing black pants, unless Christine brings along an extra cape or fishnet stockings.

Anna said...

Gardella is ending with the next!!! Dang, that's kind of a bummer. I finished When Twilight Burns this week and just loved it. Although I have to say I like both Sebastian and Max. Can't wait to find out what happen with the next book. :)

Kati said...


Sigh. What am I going to do with you, Kate???

KT Grant said...

MK you are still delusional.

Brie said...

Just finished WTB and I'm sad. I was rooting for Sebastian, not stuffy old Max.