Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Guess That Book Day 2!

Are you ready for another exciting game of Guess That Book?

The first person to post the correction book title and author will win:

a signed copy of Demon's Kiss by Eve Silver!

Clue number one:
She is a reporter for her father's newspaper in 1880's Wyoming.

Hmmm... don't have a clue? Well, here is Clue number 2:

The hero sure does like his bed.

ReneeW has the correct answer!
It is Donovan's Bed by Debra Mullins

Just sent me your mailing address to katiebabsgATgmail.com


Anonymous said...

Is it Sarah Merritt of Lavyrle Spencer's Forgiving? She's the first 1800's journalist heroine that I thought of.

Ana said...

I wanna play the game, but I have no idea! *pouts*

KT Grant said...

I have tricked you all!
If by the afternoob, no one knows, I will give another clue.

Tracy said...

Um, no clue...but cool game! :)

ReneeW said...

Oh, oh, this sounds familiar. Hmmmm... is it Donovan's Bed by Debra Mullins?

web said...

Wild Sweet Ecstacy by Jo Goodman has an 1800's journalist heroine, but I'm pretty sure it's not it.

KT Grant said...

ReneeW: You are correct! :D

ReneeW said...

Woohoo! I won! I love to win :) Thank goodness I keep a book spreadsheet.

CindyS said...

Congrats Renee!!