Saturday, August 30, 2008

What I did on week 3 of my summer vacation

Nothing - or pretty much nothing.

And I had a fabulous time too, doing nothing. As I may have mentioned, I went with a couple of women I work with. Tanya was with us until Wednesday. She is a fellow romance fan I work with who, when she came over and got a gander at my 'library', simply had to call her husband on the spot and gush over it. T’was quite a hoot when she did that. But now that she’s seen it, I can really become her supplier – except she’s read many of them herself.

I mentioned that this past week was one of reading and not much else besides. Tanya being a reader was also looking forward to this. She’s a huge fan of Diana Gabaldon and all things Scottish Romance related. I’d told her I probably had a few she hadn’t read and she doubted that.

HA!! A Challenge! I like challenges.

I did manage to find 3 or 4 and I brought them with me that she hadn’t read so she was a happy cottager!

Alison was the third one of our happy little group. She’s the one who found the cottage for us. I did take pictures and once I figure out how to download them, I’ll post them, but in the meantime, these are taken from their website and since it looks exactly like the pictures – well – you get the picture (hah hah). The cottage was just as adorable on the inside. It was small – only two bedrooms but with three women sharing, we managed just fine.

It was about a five hour drive north - up in lake country. Since Tanya wasn't staying the whole time, we loaded both cars down with all kinds of stuff - only to discover that much of what we brought was already supplied. Oh well.

The week was one of total relaxation. You can see from the picture here that we had a GREAT view of the lake. It was so relaxing just sitting there.

We did go into town the one day – a quaint little touristy town. We went into quite a few of the little stores but my prize buy of the day was a Will Turner Pez Dispenser that I got to go along with the Captain Jack one I already had. Well, that and some fudge. Oh – and I also bought batteries for a certain item I picked up in San Francisco.

Other than that we sat around, talked a blue streak, drank, did other things and watched some TV, fed ducks, ran from maybe bears – we didn’t stick around long enough to see if they were really there or not.

Alison already knew but now Tanya also knows I’m a freak for North and South and well – Richard Armitage. I took some DVD’s and made them watch The Vicar of Dibley. We tried watching North and South but got too busy talking so Tanya kind of lost the thread of it somewhere around the middle half of the first one. I think she thinks I’m rather obsessed now. Could be that I am – but in a good way.

I got four books read. It would have been one more, but I lost a book. I took the first book I was reading, Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs into the bedroom with me and somehow it disappeared overnight. I looked everywhere for it but alas, could not find it anywhere. Since I was already half way finished it, once I got back today I had to go and get another copy. I have to find out what happens!! I’ll write up what I thought of the others as the days go by.

The weather was purty much perfect. It was gray and overcast yesterday but other than that it was great. I now have a better tan then I’ve had in the past few years!

It was rather sad for Alison and me packing up this morning though and getting ready to head home. Although it was quite warm, the trees were starting to turn and it would have been nice to have another few days to get some pictures of the trees. That would be incredible - seeing them all glorious over the lake.
But - I have to work tomorrow so it wasn't to be.
I did come home though to over 600 spam emails. I knew I'd have a lot.
Now I have to go make supper and settle into finishing Cry Wolf.

'til later


CindyS said...

Hmmm, sounds like a critter decided Cry Wolf would be a great read ;)

Sounds like you had a great time!

Welcome back!


The Bookworm said...

I like those pez dispensers!
sounds like you had a fun time, the view of the lake looks beautiful.
welcome back :o)

Stacy~ said...

Glad you had such a great time Kristie. It was a well deserved break.