Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Razor Girl Winner and Birthdays!

We have a winner for Razor Girl!


You know my email. Send me one so you can get your prize. :D

Also, it is an extra special day because two truly wonderful people are celebrating birthdays!!
GIVE A CHEER because Ann Aguirre and Sula's birthdays are today.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting these two at San Francisco. Ann and I have met once before my grand RWA adventure and she is such a humble, witty and gracious human being. Sula, who is one of the North and South original crusaders, clicked with me so well for the few short days we hung out together. Her intelligence and humor about life astounds me.

I am a better person for know these two beautiful and a vivacious women.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your dearest Kate!


Carolyn Crane said...

Hey, happy birthday, you two!! And Christine, congratulations!

azteclady said...

Congrats, Christine!

Ann Aguirre said...

Grats, Christine!

And thank you so much. You make me all sniffly. I don't know what to say to this, but I'm touched.

I didn't know it was Sula's birthday! I need to stop by her blog. Did you guys know it's also Gennita Low's birthday before? I had no idea it was such a big day for authors! I'm excited because I never knew anyone with my same birthday before.

sula said...

awww, you r so sweet. *G*

i had such a nice time hanging with ya in SF. i only hope we get to do it again in DC.

and ann, gennita...Here's to all of us great 8-27 b-day gals! did you know we share the day with lyndon b. johnson? lol.

Christine said...

Awesome!! Thank you, Kate! :D

Happy Birthday Ann & Sula!
Hope your days are super!
And involve cake.
Or at least whip cream. =)

Stacy~ said...

Belated HB to Ann & Sula!

Congrats Christine!

Tracy said...

Congrats Christine!

Sula - again, Happy B-day.

Ann! Happy Belated B-day to you!