Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sailing along and then......

I was reminded again of how helpless I am in some things. When I got home from work yesterday, I went to turn the TV on and nothing happened. I tried several times and still nothing. Then I noticed the cable box was off. At this point I was stumped. Without the cable box working, the TV wouldn't work. I didn't let it bother me last night. I could do with a night of no television. This morning when I got up it was still off. Since I don't watch TV in the morning I didn't worry still. But then when I got home from work it still hadn't magically turned itself on. I had no clue what to do next. The first thought was to call......'cable guy'. But I still vividly remember my last conversation with 'cable guy' when I couldn't get into my email. After trying for over half an hour and 'cable guy' trying to talk me through it, it turned out that I had Caps Lock turned on. Well - didn't I feel foolish as all get out over that!

So I didn't want to call again, just in case it's something simple like the plug came out or something. But I look at the back of the television, with it's DVD wires, the television wires, the VCR wires and break out into a cold sweat. Lisa, whom I would normally call, is out of town on business. My neighbour who I might call is away on vacation. So I called Ryan, the youngest son and the one I go to the most. He told me to turn the cable box on. I tried that but still nothing. Then in rather a snotty tone he said well he wasn't coming over to help. I must admit to a bit of anger over that one. I try very hard not to depend on my sons for stuff. I don't want to become overdependant on them as it would be so easy - so I almost go overboard not calling them for help. But I thought I would call Brent as a last resort. He asked the same questions Ryan did and I told him the same thing. Then he asked what I wanted him to do.
At this point, I started to cry a bit. Not because the television wouldn't work. I can go 2 nights without it. No, it was because this was the kind of thing Ron would have handled. And he would have figured it out. And it's one of the many, many reasons I miss him so much.
Well - Brent must have gathered I was a bit upset since he said not to worry, he'd be right over to look at it.
I still don't know if I'll get any television tonight and I sure hope it doesn't mean a call to 'cable guy'. And boy I hate that helpless feeling I get when confronted by something way beyond my skill level.

In happier news though. Before I looked at the TV I checked the mail. I ordered some books from Chapters last week. And Yippee!!!! They came in today. I ordered Sylvia Day's The Stranger I Married because they gave a better discount online that at the store. I also got Call of the Moon by Ronda Thompson because I've been enjoying her Wulfs of London series so much. This is a different one altogether but I like her writing. I also ordered Innocent in Death and no - it didn't come. And then to make up to a certain $ figure and avoid paying shipping and handling charges, I also ordered Isn't it Romantic - a book Renee raved about last November. I thought the author was Rhonda Thompson with an H and not Ronda Thompson who I ordered. Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw that Isn't it Romantic was written by Ronda Thompson - no H - same person!!!

'til later


Well - Brent just showed up. And lets just say it's a good thing I did not make the call to cable guy! The *ah* button was turned off on the power bar. The Princess must have done it while she was walking behind the entertainment unit. So I gave Brent a bag of cookies as a thank you. And opened bag of cookies - with a few missing mind you, but cookies still the same.
So now I'll be able to watch AI - if I can stand to *g*.


Lori said...

(((hugs))) You are doing great, Kristie, trust me. When I think of the stuff I've had to do for my mom since my dad passed away (like "how do I bold this word in my document?" HUH?!?!) - trust me, you are doing great.

I think you will like The Stranger I Married. I liked it a lot. I'm in a total reviewing slump, but, I did enjoy it. I haven't read the others...

Marg said...

I think you are doing well too!! I probably wouldnt have thought to look at the plug either!!

BTW, I just read a story by Ronda Thompson in an anthology, and just ordered the first Wulf of London book!! Can't wait for it to get here!

C2 said...

((Kristie)) Don't feel bad about calling your sons for techie stuff. My mom calls (my dad is of no help at all!) and expects me to help her fix stuff - and, if I can't, it isn't like I can just drop by and take care of it...they're six hours away. LOL

It isn't a sign of's an acknowledgement of their powerful knowledge (that's what I tell myself when Mom calls). ;-)

Kristie (J) said...

C2 - I suppose in the normal sense I'm doing ok mostly. I did remember to take out the garbage every week so far but one. But when I compare myself to Lisa, I end up failing miserably! She can do anything she sets her mind to. (she was dissecting dolls when she was a kid to see how they worked. Man was our Mom mad when she found out the surgery she performed on her Chatty Cathy doll *g*

Marg: Oooh you'll have to let me know what you think of it. I've read the first and second so far and just recently got the anthology you read. Author most glommed for me - Ronda Thompson!

Lori: I do know how to bold *g*. I just hate being confronted though with stuff I don't know and no one to ask.
I've read mixed reviews on TSIM but I'm looking forward to reading it. So far I'm still reading 2006 books - and getting quite a stock pile going of 2007's *eek!*

C2 said...

You know you shouldn't compare your self to anyone but you. Nobody else has all the little bits of knowledge and interest and experience and whatever that you do. And no one has the same memory or understanding for things as anyone else. :o) My best friend has a mind like steel trap when it comes to conversations, happenings, etc. Me, when it comes to that stuff?? My mind is more like a sieve... LOL

I think you're doing awesome-ly well!

CindyS said...

I'm glad that Brent came over to help. I know for a fact that I would lose my mind over things that Bob does for me without me even knowing. When we did the last reno things got so bad that I *had* to figure stuff out and I was mad as hell that I even had to. The anger was about missing Bob but I am lucky that Bob did finally come home and slow down.

I think it's cute that you worry about calling the 'cable guy'. I was so gearing up for a fun story ;) I think I've told you this before but when we bought our new computer I called my internet provider so they could come and put an ethernet card in. The lady paused for about 10 seconds and then asked what I meant. I explained that I had just bought a computer and needed a techie guy to come out and put in a card. She laughed and said that all computers sold now (and for the last 5 years dontcha know) had that built in. Ooops.

So I never really worry about looking like a fool ;)


Anonymous said...

Kristie, you're doing fine. But next time the cable or computer don't work properly, turn it all off, and turn it all back on. Sometimes just a quick reset and you're back to normal. So you would have found the off powerbar and the caps on, along the way.

I have 4 Chapters orders partially filled and there's a couple more books I want. The new Allison Brennan is out but I am waiting for one of these orders to fill before I set up another. The dh has been smart to not notice them sitting in the inbox :)


ReneeW said...

You are so funny :) but I'm amazed at how great you are doing. Don't you hate those customer service people who try make you feel like an idiot. How rude. These people need a different job.

Sorry about the Ronda mixup. When I wrote the review I used the 'h' but in my spreadsheet I spelled it right. I hope you like the book. It's not like her later paranormal stuff. More like a Crusie.

Holly said...

Aww. You're doing great, babe. I'm sure you'll have more moments like that one, but you're holding up so well!

I can't wait to hear what you think of the books. And darn it, I want the JD Robb book NOW! Did you see what it's about? One of Roarke's old flames comes back to town! And Eve gets so jealous! I WANT TO READ IT!

Bob & Muffintop said...

I hate calling the IT people, so I check everything first. I even reboot it all (tv, cable boxes, modem, computer, etc) before calling them. Of course, it took me several embarrassed calls to get someone to walk me through the directions before I learned all this stuff, but still.

Maybe you could have someone write up cheat sheets of things to check before you call someone for help, that way you feel better about calling.