Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And you thought I was done


Another song from my M3P player.

I loved this song although it's almost impossible to sing along with. And the video is sooooo corny

Air Supply - Making love out of nothing at all

Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting for You.


CindyS said...

Great song - have to agree about corny video!! I guess I didn't watch nearly as much TV as I thought I did as a teen ;)

I just saw a preview of the Diet Pepsi commercial for the superbowl and the song playing is the Bonnie Tyler song I put up - way too funny.


Holly said...

Making Love out of Nothing At All is my all time favorite AS song. I LOVE IT. Not to say the rest aren't fab, too, but man, I just LOVE that song.

Lori said...

Oh god - I went to the Air Supply concert on a date about 2 months before I met Bob. The guy was a loser, but I actually kind of liked the concert, LOL.

C2 said...

LOL! :-D

Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: And I bet all you could think of when you saw the commercial was the truly awful video *grin*.

Holly: Yea - that was their best one wasn't it?

Lori: *chuckle* Well one out of two isn't bad. And you were compensated by meeting Bob just a short few months later *g*