Thursday, January 18, 2007

Do's and Don't Do's

This was going to go at the bottom but BloggerBot is *sigh* dead and since I still don't know how to to the picture thing and move it around - this big news will end up first.

I'm so excited. Guess what I got in the mail today (darn! It kind of looses it's affect when you can see it right away. You don't have to guess *sigh*)

Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee

Yep - I said that right. It came in the mail. I read this in e-book form a while ago and adored it. But I still have a thing about e-books. I have some and I'll read them, but for me the real joy is carrying books around - in my purse, to the living room, to the bedroom and yes - to the bathroom. As I don't have an e-reader this is next to impossible to do with the computer. Kind of heavy to cart to the bathroom.
So when Karen S did her most excellent review recently, I posted that I just wish it was in print form so I could hug it and squeeze it. And didn't Rachel Fox say that it was available in print form. So I ordered it a while ago and it came in today. I read and reviewed this one a while ago - but I've no idea how to locate that particular review and since Karen's is so much better than mine anyway - this really is a helluva wonderful book! And now it's one I can hug and squeeze and carry around with me.

Now for the rest of this post that I wanted to come first:

Well – it appears that I only have one more day left at the place I’m working before I’m back on that unemployment line. I have enjoyed working there immensely although at times it’s been a bit difficult emotionally. But it really has helped a great deal in the healing process. I have a reason to get up in the morning, put on the makeup, get dressed. I’ve met and worked with some wonderful people and know where I want to focus my job search now.

But – to keep from sliding into a depression, I need to have a goals/to do list until I’m back working again!

  • Get my hair streaked
  • Take car in for its regular check-up
  • Take The Princess in and take away her right to bear kittens (not that she would have the opportunity anyway – she’s a strictly indoor cat – but still she’s so uncomfortable when she’s in heat)
  • Clean up the basement
  • Alphabetize the ‘library’
  • See doctor for more BP pills
  • Read
  • Start writing – no, no – not that great Romance novel – I’m not ready for that and don’t know if I ever will write a romance – as much as I love to read them, but I’d like to write short articles – don’t know about what – but I have to start somewhere.

And the really big DO list

  • Renovate the kitchen. I was just speaking to someone a minute ago and we are going to set up a time for him to come and set the wheels in motion. See - the thing is I HATE my kitchen. HATE IT!!! HATE IT!!! HATE IT!!! We've redone most of the house in the past couple of years, but we didn't get around to the kitchen yet. Except for putting in new flooring (which was Ron's selection - not mine) and butcher block (blechh!) counter tops, nothing has changed in the kitchen in the 25 years we lived in the house. I've never really known what I wanted so nothing got done. But the contrator I was talking to works with a kitchen designer who will also come to the house and give me some ideas. I'm so excited at the moment!!!

As well as a “To do” list, I also have a “Don’t do’ list

  • Don’t start watching the soaps. I’m weaned off most of them now and don’t want to go getting addicted again. Plus they don’t make me feel good. They really are the antithesis of the HEA
  • Don’t sleep in every morning. Still plan on getting up early, having a shower, getting dressed ect.
  • Don’t stay in my jammies most of the day. It’s easy to do, but not healthy
  • Don’t skip meals. When I’m at home I tend to not eat most of the day and then binge right near the end of the day on junk food. NOT HEALTHY
  • Don’t stop taking my medication. One of the wonderful things about age is one starts taking previously un-thought of medication. I take stuff for high blood pressure and thyroid and for the moment, depression, but I plan on not taking that for too much longer
  • Don’t withdraw. It’s so easy to do, but again it’s not healthy. Even go to a show by myself if necessary but GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.

In light of a few of those – most especially the last one, I’ve signed up again for the next creative writing course. It starts in a couple of weeks. I also start meeting with a group for grief support. That’s next Monday. And I’m also very seriously thinking of taking a palliative care course – learning how to help people who are in the EOL (end of life) stage. I don’t think I’m ready to actually help anyone yet – it’s still to fresh – but I think the course itself would be good. And since that’s where I want to focus my job hunting, in an almost selfish way – it will look good on a resume.

'til later


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie: Sorry to hear about the job. You can add "lunch with Janice" to your to do list! *grin
Try to catch "flip that house" on TLC on the weekends. Might give you some kitchen ideas.
CYA Sat.

C2 said...

Bummer on the job thing! Try to think of it as an early Spring Break, maybe. :o)

Your Dos and Don'ts sound pretty good, I'd say, but I would never manage to not sleep's just the best thing ever! LOL

~ames~ said...

Hey Kristie, I like your list. There are several similar things on there to my own list-even down to taking the cat to the vet to get her baby factory removed. Funny, isn't it?

On a side note: Tulip is in heat right now, and My Precious is beating her up. She just lays there and takes it. LOL end side note

Sorry about work. :( But Kristie, your taking a creative writing course inspired to take up an art class, which I started on Wednesday. Thank you.

Holly said...

Don’t skip meals. When I’m at home I tend to not eat most of the day and then binge right near the end of the day on junk food. NOT HEALTHY

This is one of my worst habits. I do this all the time, unfortunately. Then I wonder why I've gained 10lbs. lol

I'm sorry about the job, but your lists sound exciting (well, the kitchen thing and the creative writing). I'm sure you'll keep busy, and we'll give you a nudge or two if you need it.

Are you going to look for another job right away, or just take some time off?

CindyS said...

Woohoo!!! I'm on the list ;)

I'll give you next week off and then we'll get together!

I should probably add some of your Don'ts to my list also but I love my sleep and I love my food. Oh. And I sometimes overindulge in my hermit ways - I think it's Canadian.

I'm glad that you had this time to re-position what it is you want to do next. All the same, I'm surprised at where it's taking you but then, it takes a special person to handle EOL cases and you are definitely special!

Oh and I would love to hear what your kitchen plans are and don't forget to take pictures - we'll do a tutorial on how to get the pics to move on the blog.


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy! Yes! Thanks for reminding me. I'll have to take before and after pictures. You've seen the ugly kitchen but I'll show everyone else the sheer splendour of it's ugliness - and then the 'new look' kitchen. I love to sleep - and to sleep in - but it's not heathy emotionally for me, it's a sign of oncoming depression. And I'm looking forward to the visit. But watch - NOW we'll start getting winter.

Holly: Yes! I wonder why sometimes I don't loose weight when I'm off work because I eat very little - but then it's a duh moment. Because it's WHAT a eat - in a frenzy and then add to the fact that you don't really loose weight by not eating like that. Cheesies and chip get me every time. At least I'm off the M&M thing. Right after Ron died, they became such a weird kind of comfort thing, I was almost eating a big bag of them a day. Now I don't even have the desire for them at all.

Ames: LOL - Tulip is probably thinking "yea hit me THERE baby, come on, hit me THERE!. They are so annoying aren't they when they get like that. And I'm so glad that I inspired you to take an art class!!! I hope you can find a way to show us what you're doing!

C2: Yea - I'm sad to be leaving there. I had a long talk with my supervisor yesterday and one of the things I told her was how healing for me it was working there - that it really was so good for me. She said she would see if there was anything else coming up and to put in my resume and she would give me a very good rec. I also have a very nebulous idea in my mind that's forming in my head that involves many of the things going on in my life. I don't mean to be mysterious and I will do a post about it - but enough to say that if something comes of it, I'll be very excited. I was telling her and bouncing ideas off her about it and she seemed as excited about it as me. I really don't think it was coincidence I worked there.

Janice: Yes! Let's "do lunch". And CYA tomorrow. I'll bounce my idea off you guys and see what you think.

Anonymous said...

I have a wish list and as soon as I finally organize myself.... maybe I'll get some of it done. Honestly, I cannot manage a day without my "to do" list. And when I tried to do without I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything. Which was hard since I stay home.

Have a great last day of work. May you find something new that suits you, when you are ready for it.

Still envious about the kitchen reno's.


Sunnysmileqt said...


Sorry to hear about the job, but it's also exciting to see your new "to do" list. I'm so excited that you get to redo your kitchen. I love decorating and love redoing things until they're just right (umm yeah can you say just a little OCD :) ). Anyways, I wish you the best of luck in all you do (especially the not sleeping in part...I could never do that!!!)

Tara Marie said...

I'm sorry about your job, but something will come up. I like your lists. If I lived closer I'd want to visit with you and Cindy too.

The picture thing--blogger's picture posting isn't too bad, but it only has 3 sizes, it puts the picture at the top, but you can then cut/copy and paste it anywhere you want. I'm finding it even faster than bloggerbot.