Monday, January 01, 2007

Angie's challenge for December

Well - even though I didn't "officially" sign up for Angie's final challenge of 2006, I did do it.

Title: Fever Dreams

Author: Laura Leone

Year Published: 1997

Why did you get this book: I read and loved Fallen From Grace and I heard this one was equally good

Do you like the cover: Yes I do. It's different

Did you like the book: I LOVED the book

Was the author new to you and would you try anything new by her again: No she wasn't new to me. I will absolutely read something by her again.

Are you keeping it or passing it on: Oh I'm keeping this one!

Anything else: AUUURRRRGGGGHHH That was my holler of disappointment that I don't think she is writing romance anymore. I know that she writes SF under the name Laura Resnick but I really love the romance I've read by her.
Ransom, the hero in this one was completely different than Ryan the hero in FFG but he was equally delicious. And I loved Madeline\Maddie the heroine in Fever Dreams. This book is great and now I seem to be in a "jungles of South America" kind of mood. I just read Heart of Fire, then this one and now I'm thinking of rereading Amazon Lily by Teresa Weir and River of Eden by Glenna McReynolds (aka Tara Janzen)


ReneeW said...

Yes! I totally agree. I have this one in my keepers along with all the others you mention. I love jungle stories for some reason. I think I went on that same rant about Laura Leone not writing romance anymore. It's a real shame. I stumbled across an old category by her (A Woman's Work) that was very good (B+) which I decided I couldn't part. She writes so few romances I decided I better keep all that I can find. I think she's written a few other old categories that I'm trying to find.

CindyS said...

Dang, I think this has been on my TBB list for a while. I really need to start tracking some of these down! I'll add it again on my new list - I think I get this one confused with an old Katherine Sutcliffe that I think was also called Fever Dreams.


Nikki said...

I have heard good things about Laura Leone and have always wanted to read her. Well, this will be the first book on my wish list for this year! Thanks for the good review!

Mailyn said...

That's a very purty cover!!!! I saw The Chimpunks Adventure this weekend and it was an Around the World in 80 days kin of thing and they traveled to what looked like the Amazon or something [I forgot exactly WHERE they were].

Nothing to do with anything but, er, yeah, lol.

Rosario said...

It's in my keeper shelf, too, as is Fallen From Grace, and I've managed to collect most of her category backlist. Some are kind of weak, but others I really enjoyed. A Woman's Work, which Renée mentions, is one of them, and other good ones are Ulterior Motives, A Wilder Name and The Bandit King.

Avid Reader said...

You need to find Ulterior Motives, one of her category books. I remember it being very good. Glad to see you enjoyed this one. I liked it a bit better than FFG.