Sunday, January 28, 2007

I know! I'm killin' anyone with dial-up

But I had such fun with music so tonight it's movies.

Here's one of my faves.

Johnny Depp AND Aiden Quinn



Anonymous said...

Nah.... I just haven't downloaded them. But next time post what it is.... Please :)


Kris said...

I love this movie, I watch it all the time.

Kristie (J) said...

Farmwifetwo: Oops Sorry. It's the movie trailer for Bennie & Joon.

Let's see in the video's:

I'm holding on for a hero - Bonnie Tyler
Bed of Roses - Bon Jovi
Gloria - Laura Branningan
Dead of Alive - Bon Jovie
Safety Dance - Men without Hats
Wicked Games - Chris Issak

And the newest one - A beer commercial for Canadian where the guy comes into a bar and orders a Canadian and two other guys make fun of him and ask him where his beaver is. He puts a real beaver on the bar and says attack and the beaver attacks the guy. I know it was on TV here a few years ago during the hockey games and it always cracked me up.

Kris: Isn't it such a sweet movie? I love Johnny Depp in it.

Marg said...

I think Aidan Quinn is just gorgeous! And I remember loving this movie when it came out!

Anonymous said...

Hi again.
Gosh, I need to rent Benny & Joon again. Thanks

CindyS said...

I think I was confused years ago by what was supposed to be wrong with Joon. I went to see the movie because of Aidan Quinn - talk about blue eyes!


Jenster said...

I'm so ashamed to say that I haven't seen this movie. At least not all of it. I've seen bits and pieces of it, but never the whole thing. I think I'll add it to my Netflix queue.

Lori said...

What a good movie that was. And Aiden Quinn is one of my all time favorites. He gives me goosebumps. {{{Shiver}}} Those eyes, that face, that body... *sigh*

Kristie (J) said...

Lori: Did you ever see him in a movie called Blink with Madeline Stowe? She played a blind musician who "witnessed" a murder. He played a cop who was trying to help her. Very good movie!!

Jenster: Oh you really need to see it!! It's very good - cute, funny, sad and a wonderful HEA.

Cindy: I'm not sure but I think she had some kind of autisim or something. And oh yes!! Aiden's blue eyes *sigh*

Janice: It is good isn't it. It was on TV not long ago and I watched it again, but I really need to add it to my very own collection. And I LOVE the song I'm gonna be there by the Proclaimers.

Marg: having seen it not long ago I can happily say it's still a very good movie!! It get's a thumbs up from me!