Sunday, January 07, 2007

'cause I love Youtube

And 'cause Wendy said she likes early Bryan Adams *g* I think this one is a lot of peoples favourite. I know it's mine. And lucky me - I've gotten a chance to see him sing it three times!!
The most fun part of this is he doesn't even sing the first part of the song. He just lets the crowd sing it.

'til later


Lori said...

He let the crowd sing it when I saw him, too, Kristie. I loved it!

Kristie (J) said...

Lori, doesn't he do a great concer???? there isn't the lights and flash of some concerts - just the music.

CindyS said...

Oh yeah, I remember he didn't sing the first part - wow, you have a great memory. I just remember being really impressed with his concert as opposed to most I had been to.

Okay, Aerosmith rocked.


Lori said...

Oh yeah, loved Aerosmith Cindy. Saw them with KISS. That was a great show!

Kris said...

I haven't thought about this song is so long, thanks for sharing it. :)