Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, I WAS having a good day.

Anyone who lives on the West Coast and is a fan of So You Think You Can Dance Canada - come back later.

For all those others, I'm about to rant - big time!!

I'm a fan of the show. In fact I'm more than a fan - I'm obsessed with it. When I find something that moves me I tend to go overboard and SYTYCD first moved me with the US version last season. I LOVED it and watched it a few times a week - the original show and then repeats later on I watched it on Much Music. I haunted the blogs that showed clips from YouTube and then I haunted YouTube looking for more - for previous seasons that I missed. So when it was announced that Canada was having it's own version, I was over the moon excited. I've been watching avidly since it started - except for one night of auditions and the first night of the top twenty - but I picked it up a couple of days later on Much Music so I was only a couple of days off.

From the beginning there were a few dancers that captivated me - you have probably guessed that by now since now I've been putting their video's up :).

Nico - not only is he Very Good Looking but he's also an incredibly talented dancer.

Arassay - she recently moved to Canada from Cuba and she lights up the stage when she dances. She's infectious and beautiful and for the first 10 of the top 20 she and Nico were paired together and they blew me away with their routines and their dancing and their chemistry.

Vincent - another incredibly gifted dancer - each routine he did was a wonder and he's a joy to watch.

Those have been my top three from the beginning. As with all these kinds of shows, the cream began to rise to the top as the less qualified dancers were eliminated. But as the numbers dwindled, some of the cream were also eliminated, leaving one dancer in particular in the competition. Don't get me wrong - he's a good dancer - just not up to the calibre of some of the other ones. I think he will go far but I was getting more and more frustrated watching as some better dancers were eliminated and he remained. You see he has a couple of things going for him that frustrate me in these kinds of shows - he's young and cute and appeals to the younger set and he has his home town voting for him to the exclusion of all else.

As for the women, I had a harder time separating them. But there is one dancer who I think relies a bit too much on her sex kittenishness a bit too much. Mind you - she's a very good dancer, but she has made mistakes and never seems to get called on them.
Well tonight there was an injustice done. And for someone who gets way too involved and takes things way too deep for what's good for me :-) I'm still real shook up at what happened with the voting.
Arassay was eliminated. That was just so wrong in my opinion - just wrong, wrong, wrong. She is the best damn female dancer on the show. And to see her gone hurts! It just hurts.
And as if that weren't bad enough, Vincent was the guy who's going home. From the very beginning he and Nico have been neck in neck in incredible talent and I think everyone was predicting that he would go to the final two guys and Arassay one of the final two girls. And now that's not going to happen.
But what really saddens me is the death of what I think is the integrity of many of those who voted. When people vote for a less talented dancer because he is 'cute' or he's from their 'hometown' and ignore one with more talent - it's just not right. It's not! I've seen it happen on other shows - whether it be American Idol, or whatever. I always have this hope that things will turn out fair and I'm shocked when they don't. And to be honest (and somehow almost annoyingly smug) I didn't think it would happen on this show. But it did. And it just reinforces to me again - and I hate when this happens - that life isn't fair. My oldest son and I have some interesting discussions because he's still a bit naive in some ways - despite his increasing age - and he keeps expecting life to be fair and is waiting for it to happen. But I try and explain to him that it's not - it never will be - yet at the same time inside somehow hopping it will. You see, he takes most after me with his right is right and wrong is wrong kind of attitude.
I am so very sad to see them go!!


And this is why it was a good day up until the results show

I will be seeing them again!!


(picture me doin' the thing with your hands and move the hips and in a sing song kind of voice)

I got some tickets!! I got some tickets!! I got some tickets!!

They went on for a one day pre-sale today starting at 12:00 and at 12:00 sharp! I started trying to order them online. Me and a posse from work all wanted to go and since I'm the most obsessed about the show - although there are a couple that are almost as bad as me - it fell to me to get them. Well damn! that took some doing. Apparently there were quite a few other people who must have had the same thought because I couldn't get in!! I kept timing out and as I was doing this at work (on my break) I was getting more and more nervous at getting caught (even though I was on my break) I had to maximize the screen - and we have big monitors let me tell you! I had two others helping me. I almost got through once but I forgot my password and by the time I had them send it to me again, I started getting timed out again!! One of the posse asked if I was excited and I said not until I get that confirmation post!!
Finally - an hour later I managed to get them! They aren't the best seats; not the ones we were aiming for, and I'm going to have to jump over some boards when I rush the stage as Nico is dancing to get to him, but still, they aren't bad. And

(picture me doin' the thing with your hands and move the hips and in a sing song kind of voice)

I got some tickets!! I got some tickets!! I got some tickets!!

The other good thing that happened today occurred when I got home! The books I ordered from Chapters were sitting in my door. I was really starting to get worried!! I got the shipping confirmation last Thursday and it's never taken this long for them to get here. I was going to give it another day and then contact Chapters to ask them what they were going to do about it. But thank goodness I don't have to do that!

So, I'll finish with a few more videos - since Nance likes them :-)

The group dance from tonight

Vincent's Solo

Arassay's Solo

I will miss you too like crazy. It's wrong and unfair - but I will see you again in February!!!


azteclady said...


Yeah, like ain't fair and it sucks--but mostly, most people suck.

On the other hand... *throwing confetti* you've got tickets! Yay you!

Amy C said...

WOOT!! You got tickets!! That is so incredibly awesome!!

I hope you have a super wonderful time. What an experience that'll be, eh?

nath said...

Yay, you got tickets ;D!!! Awesome!!

You know, this really proves that no one is safe and if you want to keep them, you must really vote.

Also, this show is really a popularity contest. In the end, they're all amazing dancers... and Canada is voting for their favorite dancer... not the best ^_^; that's the way it is.

Personally, I liked Natalli better than Arassay... but I have to say, I didn't expect Arassay to go. By the way, Natalli was called on her mistake this time... In the end, it all comes down to personality you know... if Natalli relies on her sexuality, you can't help it... (it happens a lot with ballroom dancer)... and we all know that sex sells :P LOL...

Oh and I think the fact that she was in the bottom two last week helped her. Because it motivates her fans to vote even more. Arassay's fans probably thought she was safe and didn't vote as much.

As for Vincent... I still say Quebeckers in this show are at a disadvantage because their possible french fans are just not watching. Oh well...

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: as you are from La Belle Province, why aren't the Quebeckers watching this show I wonder? It's puzzling as up until recently Quebec had the highest representative of dancers -

So it must be apparent that the people of Quebec aren't a)watching and b) voting.
How come I again wonder?? Is their a French version? Although come to think of it - if there were, it would have to be dubbed and that could get annoying I suppose.
Anyway Nath - it's up to you to rally the province. Now that we are only down to one French dancer, you must be the rallying call to the province of Quebec. Stay steady, stay strong young one, I know you can do it!!

Marianne McA said...

Been a huge amount of discussion about something similar in the UK. We've a celebrity dancing show, in which a portly ex-political commentator has taken part:

Last week was the week where all the so-so couples had gone, and only the good couples and the commentator were left. Public saved him (why don't the judges ever realise that the more indignant they get, the more the public will vote, for the simple pleasure of seeing them foaming at the mouth?)

There was an incredible amount of commentary on the subject - split 50/50 between those who said it's a dance show, and the best dancer should win, and those who said it was an entertainment show, and the uncertainty is part of the fun.

Anyway, there was so much nonsense about it that he resigned from the show - live press conference, statements from MPs - and is dancing his last dance tomorrow.

(Congrats on the tickets. Looks like great fun.)

Kristie (J) said...

Marianne: *g* I watched the clip. It looks just like the show Dancing With The Stars that plays here (well - in the US but we get it here) right down to the stage. I was watching it until I became discovered SYTYCD. I still watch DWTS - but not with quite the......enthusiasm we'll call SYTYCD. And out of curiosity - do they have a British version of SYTCD? I'm just wondering because it really seems to be taking off 'round the world and I'm wondering if the craze has taken over on your side of the pond yet.
And yea - there is a debate about whether it's a popularity contest or if the winner should be based on talent. I fall on the talent side. I'm just so very glad that Nico has both 'cause that way I don't have to split myself down the middle in trying to decide who to vote for heh heh heh!

Marianne McA said...

There was a programme 'Strictly Dance Fever' a couple of years ago. I didn't really watch it, so hard to know how similar it was. It was dropped, and instead we got a series where the public vote for people to get the lead roles in musicals that Andrew Lloyd Webber is putting on.

I think 'Dancing with the stars' is exactly the same as 'Strictly Come Dancing' - I've a feeling I read somewhere that a couple of the judges commute when both series are running.
Do you have 'Dancing on Ice'? Celebrities learning Ice Dancing?

Kristie (J) said...

Marianne: They had it one season a few years ago in the US. I didn't watch it but it must not have done as well in the ratings because it was only on for the one season.
I did watch some of the show on Joseph (doing research when I was watching Robin Hood videos and came across one to the tune of Paint it Black - I loved Lee Meade's rendition of it. Much better than Mick and the boys I though :-)
They had something like that here in Canada with young women trying out for the role of Annie. But I didn't watch it.

Nancy said...

Hey Kris,

You are right,

B U N N I E S ! ! ! ! ! !

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - Nance - I knew you'd be thinking that. Big sister Kristie and her bunny world.