Thursday, November 27, 2008

Down to six

Since there are only six dancers left, here are all of the couple routines
Allie and Izaak

First Dance - Hip Hop

Second Dance Jazz

Nico and Natalli


Quick Step

Lisa and Miles

Cha Cha

And here's my favourite of the night. I thought this one was beautiful and it had special meaning for me.

They also each did a solo so of course I have to post Nico's

And a nice bit of eye candy to finish things off!!

Nico is tres bon!! You may not be able to pick this up - but Sula and Katie - his white shirt is wet!! Ring any bells?


Leya said...

Kristie thanks so much for putting the routines up. I missed the show on Wednesday. :D

I agree, Nico is tres bon! ;)

Kristie (J) said...

You're most welcome Leya!! It's hand for me also to have them at my fingertips :-)
An you can catch it again though on Sunday night on Much Music. It looks much better on a television screen *g*.