Thursday, November 13, 2008

There can never be enough SYTYCD Canada!!

This was the group dance choreographed by Mia Michaels. I sat there there loving it!!

Now that they are in the top 10, they have changed the format. Every dancer now does a solo dance as well as a partner dance

This was Arassay's Solo last night. I thought it beautiful and she really has improved since SYTYCD Canada began. I say it's love

I also loved Allie's solo - Ballet with attitude!! Gotta love it.

Now you may not have gathered this - but Nico just has to breathe for me to love his dance. Now that they have to switch partners, he and Allie danced together last night. Now he may not be the best waltzer in the world - but my goodness can he lift!!

And this was my favourite routine last night. Arassay (Nico's partner up until last night and dare I hope a RL romance?) and Vincent were paired up for Disco. This one is just so much FUN!!

And of course there was Nico's Totally Awesome solo just a bit further down. I insist you watch him. He's breathing - so I love it.

AND GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

They announced tonight that they will be doing a tour early next year. I'm crossing fingers, toes, eyes - whatever it takes that they come here!!


I guess sleeping my with eyes crossed (and don't think that wasn't difficult) worked, 'cause I read on a message board that London is on the tour schedule


I'll have to round up my work posse watchers and make plans. And dang I'm off today. I don't know if I can wait until Monday!


nicchic said...

I love SYTYCDC too. I told myself I had enough shows and the Canadian version would not be as good as the U.S. Then I was surfing one day, saw an episode and thought what the heck I'll check it out...I was hooked instantly!!!

There are not enough words to describe Nico, Arassay, and Allie. I am NOT a fan of Isaak though...his solo bit the dust. Why is he still in?? I didn't want to see Danny go. :(

RachaelfromNJ said...

I watch the US show and I love it. Thank you so much for posting all these videos of the Canadian version. I'm going to watch tomorrow when I can turn the sound on my laptop on. A little too late to do it right now. Do you get the American version in Canada at all?

azteclady said...

Breathe, kristie, breathe!


Kristie (J) said...

nicchic: Hello!! Thanks for dropping in! There aren't enough words to describe Nico are there? Fabulous dancer, very sexy, great chemistry with his partners - specially Arassay.
And I don't know why Izzak is still in?? He's competent enough - but he should NOT still be in when first Francis and then Danny aren't. This is the problem I have with vote in shows - so many people aren't really honest in their voting. Rather than paying attention to talent, they vot for who their favourite is. I'm just glad Nico is both since I don't have to choose - but I like to think I would choose talent over favourite.

RachaelfromNJ: Thank you too for stopping by *g*. I'm glad you discovered SYTYCD Canada! It's wonderful isn't it? And yes - we are very lucky here since we get the US version too. I'm late to the whole SYTYCD bandwagon. I only discovered it when they were down to the final 12 in the US version. And I was routing for Joshua since I saw his first dance with Katie. I'm hoping lightning strikes twice. I didn't vote in that one - I'm not even sure I could have living here in Canada. I only started voting in these kinds of phone in shows with this one.
And apparently they are just starting the Australian version. For that one I'm going to have to rely on YouTube :-(

AL: I do tend to go overboard don't I? It's a side effect of what my sisters call my "DRRRRRRAMA QUEEN" way of dealing with things :-)
Although on occasion I do have results. One of my coworkers watched it for the first time Wednesday night 'cause she wanted to see what we were all talking about :)
And of course there is The Quest!!

azteclady said...

As I just said over at the Book Binge, you are just taking over blogland...

I can hear the faint echoes of the evil cackle in the background and everything...