Thursday, November 13, 2008

Future Books To Keep An Eye On

I am always look ahead for the upcoming releases and these books for 2009 look very interesting... and I am not going to lie, but their covers caught my eye first.

So Enchanted (Onyx 2/09) "Years ago, lovely young Francesca Walcott ruled the fringes of London society as a mysteriously gifted medium. Until the uncompromising Lord Greyson Sheffield accused her of being a fraud, shattering her world and sending her into exile in the Scottish Highlands..."

Seduced at Midnight: Book #3 in the Mayhem in Mayfair Series (Berkley 1/09) and Tempted At Midnight: Books #4 (Berkley 4/09) Psst... She left Avon for Berkley!

From Elizabeth Hoyt:
To Beguile the Beast (Grand Central 5/09) "Sir Alistair Munroe has lived by himself for years in his drafty old castle…until one stormy night there comes a knock at his door…"

Not Quite a Husband (Bantam 6/09) "Theirs was a broken marriage, so broken that it had already been annulled...But when he braves the wildness of the Hindu Kush to find her in a time of danger, as rebellion and upheaval put their lives at risk, would they be able to let go of the past and love in the present?"

These two books came out this year and I never heard of Theolyn Boese, but these covers are hot! (Loose Id March & July 2008)
Have you seen any other interesting books with great covers for 2009?
Katiebabs (KB)


Mel Francis said...

I am totally behind on my Elizabeth Hoyt reading. I love her.

Anna said...

I have yet to read Elizabeth Hoyt, but love her covers. I'll have to pick one of her books up next time.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo reading the ELizabeth Hoyt book!

Marg said...

Another Elizabeth Hoyt fan here! I CAN NOT WAIT for the next book!

Also looking forward to the Sherry Thomas too.

AnimeJune said...

The Connie Brockway one sounds and looks great - I've never read her. But Shared Minds? Uh....I feel I'd have to keep it in a paper bag or something. There's suggestive, and then there's just plain too much information.

Eloisa James' "When the Duke Returns" has a really beautiful cover, I find. Also - I bought "The Kiss" by Sophia Nash partly because the cover is so awesome (and partly because "A Dangerous Beauty" by her was equally awesome!).

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Animejune: You must read Connie Brockway's classic, All Through the Night. Dark, angsty and sexy as all get out. A near perfect romance.

Stacy~ said...

Oh, some really good ones! I want the Brockway, the D'Alessandros, the Hoyt, the Thomas...oh yeah, lots to look forward to :)

Like animejune, EJ's book has a gorgeous cover. I'm going to read it, though I'm not thrilled w/ the series.

Kristie (J) said...

I was SO excited to see Connie Brockway make a return to historicals!!! Unlike Lisa Kleypas, when she switched to contemps I thought that was it for her historicals - and I do so LOVE them. So I'm all over this one!!
And the Elizabeth Hoyt book goes without saying!! Speaking of which - we need to 'chat' *g*
And I'm also planning on getting Sherry Thomas' new one too. The others - not sure. I read a Jacquie D'Alessandro book and wan't overly impressed. I don't take nearly the risks anymore on historicals as other genres or like I used to.

Amy said...

Ooohhh, pretty covers! And you know how I feel about that! I didn't know Jacquie D had left avon, but I'll follow her wherever she goes.

Um, how stalkerish does that sound?

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Amy: I would also! Poor Avon is losing authors left and right it seems.

heidenkind said...

I'm also excited about Connie Brockway returning to writing historicals. I bought her first contemp and I never got into it--but I'm not really a huge fan of contemporary.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Can I just say I am over the moon that Connie is going back to writing historicals?

Alyssa said...

Interesting about D'Alessandro moving to Berkley. I liked the previous books in the Midnight series, so I'm sure these will be great too.