Thursday, November 27, 2008

Results Night

Phew!! He made it through!!

Now normally I've been posting the group routine. But to be honest, I REALLY didn't like it this week.


nath said...

Did you have any doubts Nico would make it?!?! LOL :) me thinks Nico is going to win it :)

What do you think of the results? Finally, Isaac is out.

Personally, I think that based on the performance, Allie should have been the one to leave instead of Lisa, but oh well.

I'm actually glad that Natalli made it to the final four. I know you think she's used her sex appeal a bit too much, but seriously, with Wednesday's show, I think she showed she deserved to be up there.

Kristie (J) said...

I won't say I'm pleased that Izaak is gone - I'm sad :-( whenever any of them leave, but I do think he was the one to go. And I would have rather Lisa have stayed then Allie - adorable as she is. And I MUCH MUCH MUCH rather would have preferred Arassy to Natalli. But as long as Nico is still in, I'll still watch. And vote ;)