Sunday, November 30, 2008

Demon's Hunger Review

Forensic anthropologist Vivien Cairn fears she's losing her mind. Her libido has kicked into overdrive, and she's blacking out-leaving hours of her life unaccounted for and no memory of where she's been...or what she's done. But when a sexy stranger rescues her from a demon attack, Vivien realizes there's more than just her sanity at stake...A seductive killer is luring victims, and Sorcerer Dain Hawkins finds himself walking a dangerous line between ancient duty and sizzling desire when the brotherhood-and Vivien herself-begin to suspect that her mysterious symptoms may connect her to the crimes. Can Dain save Vivien from the evil that threatens to claim her? Or will they both succumb to...Demon's Hunger...

I have noticed many paranormal romances in the past few months have a demon storyline where the hero is a demon hunter of some sort, and the heroine is either part demon, and doesn’t know it, or she is on the run from these demons who want something from her. The ones I have read recently with this type of storyline was, The Darkest Touch by Jaci Burton and Cynthia Eden’s Midnight Sins. The third one is by Eve Silver called Demon’s Hunger (Compact of Sorcerers Book 2).

You know right from the title that there will be demons in this one, and they are definitely those nasty types who are evil, want to rule the world, etc… It is up to Dain Hawkins, a sorcerer, to help keep the portal between the demon realm and the Earth closed. The portal was closed in the book before this called Demon’s Kiss by one of Dain’s buddies, Ciarran, the hero of that book. Dain has in his possession, a demon’s foot that was severed when the portal closed. This foot is very dangerous because it is filled with dark magic. For some reason, creatures called hybrids are going into cemeteries and looking for charm bags that were buried with the dead. Hybrids were once humans and are controlled by demons. They reminded me of flesh eating zombies since they will eat human flesh. Dain has to figure out who wants these charm bags, and for what purpose.

The one person who can help him is forensic anthropologist, Vivien Cairn, who is on sabbatical from the university she teaches at. Not only is Vivien at odds with her mother, who has always been cold towards her, as well as recovering emotionally from a serial killer investigation, but Vivien keeps blacking out for hours at a time. She does things during these blackouts she can’t remember, and it is starting to scare her. When Dain shows up on her doorstep, she doesn’t remember talking with him on the phone. Vivien does know who Dain is because when they first meet she says, “You’re Dain Hawkins, wonder-guy, a magician when it comes to buying up foundering companies and turning them into moneymakers.” Dain has come to Vivian because he wants her to take a look at some bones he has. Dain also thinks Vivien is cute, especially with the neon green fuzzy slippers she is wearing.

Unfortunately by Dain bring the evil demon bones to Vivien, that places her in danger and soon after, hybrids target her and burn down her house. Both Dain and Vivien are able to get out unhurt. Vivien is also in for a shock when she finds out who Dain is, and that he won’t let her go because he needs her, as well as wanting her, even though he tries to deny his feeling for her. Vivien continues to have more blackouts, because there is something so very wrong with her, because she is not human, but a succubi. That is why Vivien is blacking out and has become very weak. If she doesn’t have sex with a man and feed off his energy, and soon, she will continue to deteriorate. Can you guess who volunteers for this job?

Eve Silver can sure write a suspenseful story and she does so here with Demon’s Hunger. The twist with Vivien and whether she is a killer demon keeps you guessing to the very end. And when Dain and Vivien has some hot succubi sex, those scenes where very hot and satisfying. I did enjoy Vivien over Dain, because even though she is going through some major upheavals, she didn’t venture into whiny TSTL (to stupid to live) territory. I was less than thrilled with Dain because he is one of these heroes who can’t get over the past and goes back and forth about his feelings for Vivien. “She’s mine! But I can’t touch her because I must deny myself for the horrible thing that I felt I did to my wife centuries ago.” Dain needs to take that stick out of his ass and have some good sex. When he finally gives into his urges for Vivien, he lightens up a bit and he becomes less annoying.

Demon Hunger is a fast paced read, with characters who can kick ass, make sweet love and survive to tell the tale. (Grand Central Publishing)

2 ½ stars out of 5 stars

Katiebabs (KB)


Anna said...

I love Eve Silver's Historicals and her Shomi books under Eve Kenin, but I just couldn't get into her Demon series.

Kate Diamond said...

Wow. That's a pretty hot cover!

Tracy said...

Oh dang! Not a great rating. I'll be reading it this week sometime I'll have to let you know what I think.