Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Friday pic's - A gypsy routine - mmmmmm

(Click in pics for better view)Allie - from a dainty ballerina to this. She's great

Ahhh - all that passion *shiver*

See why he's been getting some of my votes? And damn can he dance too!!

I just have to keep posting these *g*

Lisa is now my girl!!

Miles - a dancer who has really grown as a dancer

Vincent and Lisa - They are great together

But now Vincent is gone - our great loss

There's nothing like a guy and his cape

I only wish that were my hand

Arassay - see - she's totally gorgeous

And now she's gone!!

Nico and Arassay once again. What a great couple they are!

And here they all are together - before the bomb dropped


Stacy~ said...

I don't watch DWTS here in the states, but I have to admit, the gypsy routine looks really cool. I love the costumes, and srsly, after reading Kleypas' SMAS, I definitely get the appeal ;)

Kristie (J) said...

heh heh heh Stacy: It's a look I can really get into too!
In fact most of the group routines have 'looks' I can get into ;-)