Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I turn your attention to......

While I may be at a loss for words to blog about - though the brain is starting to churn, others aren't.

Judith James (the author of The Book) is visiting Romance Novel TV today.

Leslie of the Psyche has a review up for another one of my all time favourite books!

Barbara has a great review of another book by said author.

Anna needs encouragement to read Dreaming of You. Before there was The Quest; before there was The Crusade, there was Dreaming of You!!


little alys said...

Booookkksssss...stop getting me addicted Kristie! You're too far for me to steal into your library. ^_~

Anna said...

LOL! It won't take too much. I just was reading about Dreaming of You. I'm definitely gonna buy it.


azteclady said...

*sending more good blogging and reading thoughts Kristie's way*

Anonymous said...

I figured I would make it easy for Anna, so I simply picked her up a copy of Dreaming of You. So, now no excuses, lol.

Anna said...

LOL! ;)

AnimeJune said...

I will admit I've not read "Dreaming of You," either - "Again the Magic" put me right off Kleypas for a while.

I'm saving for grad school now so I'll probably be living off of my TBR pile and the library for a while.

Leslie said...

Kristie ~ thanks for the shout out.

Anna ~ You mean you haven't experienced the fabulous Derek Craven? You are in for such a treat!

Kristie (J) said...

Alys: I can't help it!!! I simply have to share the love!!

Anna: Now if you read Dreaming of You - nay - I say when - there are some in blog land who may try and convince you that Sebastian, the hero of Devil in Winter is a better hero than Derek Craven. But we Cravenators (yes indeed - we have a name) know better. I'm not sure if you were around blogging during the times of The Rumble in which fans of the two books took sides on either Derek or Sebastian. It was never really decided who won - though both sides claim victory!

AL: Thanks!! It's bad enough having a slump in either reading or blogging - but when it's both - well it's rather disconcerting to say the least!!! But I do have something I'm going to post if I have time - before The Mentalist - if not it will have to wait. Simon Baker must come first!!

Barbara: Awww - you are such a good friend. Isn't it fun so share the love for Really Good Books?

AnimieJune: Oh don't be put off by Again the Magic!!! Dreaming of You is an entire different kettle of (not fish but) yummy, to die for hero and wonderful, innocent but in a charming way heroine!!!! It's a fabulous book. Live off your TBR pile for now - goodness knows that's what I should be doing - but when money permits - or you see a copy in a UBS - you simply MUST try it!!

Leslie: You're welcome!! I was ecstatic to read your review :-)
And yep - DOY is right up there in the stratosphere too of books not to be missed!

Anna said...

Cravenators, I love that. LOL!

Kwana said...

Fingers crossed for 3!