Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can we say Wow!!

I'll have more, but I thought I'd just start out the morning with this!!


CindyS said...

I love watching dance but I haven't really watched any of these 'so you think you can dance' ones. I find this guys motions a touch too jerky - don't get me wrong, he's awesome but I would like to see him do some fluid motions.

I watched a movie with my 22 year old cousin and she was so excited and thought the dancing was amazing. Uh, yeah, what she was watching is what we used to call break dancing but with more jerky movements. I really felt old ;) I get excited when I see something I haven't seen before.


Judith James said...

I hope you get them up soon. I missed it last night,(

Bev(QB) said...

WAITWAITWAIT! Why was Nico dancing by himself?! (not that I'm actually complaining, mind you.)

Okay, I guess I should explain that I've never watched the U.S. version of this show, but I have been AVIDLY watching the clips you've posted every week.

So, I thought that they danced by themselves if the dance they did as a couple was in the bottom 2? Or 3? Or whatever it is.

So does this mean that Nico and whatsherface were in the bottom three? And yes, I know her name is like Arassay or something like that, but REALLY, as good as she is, she's just the chick who dances with Nico, you know? ;-D

Kristie (J) said...

Bev: Not to worry - Nico is safe. Now since we are down to the top 10, everyone does a partner dance and then they do a solo dance in the first night. Then the next night - tonight - the guy and girl with the lowest votes is out.



Nico made it through tonight - and I helped!!

Judith: There are some videos up but not as good a quality as I hope will be posted later. So if there are better ones available, I'll post them!!

Cindy: See - you have to have watched this from the beginning. Nico - who makes me whimper - had a partner Arassay who is from Cuba. He's French and the connection between them was out of this world!!!! HAWT HAWT HAWT!! WITH IT SPELLED IN CAPITALS.
But then according to the rules, they had to split up and dance with different partners.
But Nico - oh he can dance reeeeeaaalll smooth. He was the one in the Dark Angel dance a few weeks ago. And last night he did a waltz. While it wasn't the best waltz ever done - he's a contemporary dancer and never waltzed before - it was still wonderfully done and the lifts he did with Allie - his new partner - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. But you watch him from the beginning and Mmmmm Hmmmm!!