Monday, November 03, 2008

Rough, Raw and Ready Review

With a title like Rough, Raw and Ready, I was expecting some rough, raw and heady sex in this latest erotic romance from Samhain Publishing author, Lorelei James. Lorelei does indeed deliver with multiple love scenes, and not only one on one, between a married man and his wife, but also with the former lover of the husband who comes back into the picture.

Trevor Galnzer and his wife of one year, Chassie, (whom I kept calling Cassie in my head) work hard to keep their ranch going. Trevor has retired from the rodeo circuit where he used to be quite the wrangler of horses, women, and especially the one man who he loved above all others, Edgard Mancuso. Trevor and Edgard were roping partners who were also secret lovers. They both kept their love affair quiet, and were never out in the open about their relationship because of the world they lived in. They went their separate ways when Edgard went back to Brazil. Trevor was able to move on with his life, and that was when he met Chassie. She became his savior, his golden girl.

Trevor and Chassie have a great marriage full of respect, love and passionate sex where they both allow each other total access to their bodies. Anything sexually goes on in the bedroom, and even sometimes in the stable. Chassie still cannot believe that the handsome Trevor chose her because she always felt like an outcast because of her Indian heritage. She and Trevor are so much in love and could not ask for anything more.

Out of the blue, Edgard comes looking for Trevor. Chassie thinks Edgard is just an old friend of Trevor who is passing through. Trevor is not so thrilled to see Edgard because he now has a wife, and there is no room or justification for him and Edgard to start up again where they left off. Edgard understands this, but he rather have Trevor as a friend than nothing at all. Because Chassie wants Trevor and Edgard to catch up on old times, she welcomes Edgard to stay in their home for as long as he wants. Edgard is pleased, while Trevor is very uncomfortable about the whole situation. Soon Trevor, Chassie and Edgard are working together on the ranch and spending their free time together. Trevor is in both Heaven and Hell because he cannot deny his desire for Edgard. Trevor feels so guilty because Chassie is such the supportive wife, totally oblivious to what Trevor is going through. She comes to really like Edgard because he is such a gentleman and a great guy in general.

One day Chassie comes upon Trevor and Edgard arguing. She is in for even a bigger shock when Edgard begins to passionately kiss Trevor, and in turn, Trevor welcomes it. We’re talking major mouth, lips and tongue action here. Chassie is appalled. and Trevor is ashamed because he never wanted to hurt Chassie because he loves her so much. But Trevor also cares for Edgard. Chassie is confused because she is not sure if Trevor ever really loved her. Did he just marry her for her land and the ranch? Who does Trevor really love?

Chassie has so many questions rolling around in her head but she loves Trevor so much. When her close friend puts things into perspective, Chassie has to decide if she is willing to share Trevor with Edgard, and if she is comfortable enough to join in the bed play with these two men.

I can certainly say if you are in the mood for some steaming hot sex, Lorelei James sure does deliver here. Rough, Raw and Ready is one ménage a trios romance that I really did enjoy because she can write very incredibly passionate and emotional love scenes, especially between Trevor and Chassie. Even before Edgard was welcomed in their bed, this married couple had a great loving relationship, and everything I would want in a marriage. When Edgard came into the picture, the smoldering passion he has for Trevor is so tangible. The sexual tension between Trevor and Edgard was so thick, and excuse the cliché, a knife could cut though it.

I really felt for poor Chassie because she was clueless to what was going on between Trevor and Edgard. And I couldn’t really fault her, because what woman would think an old male friend of her husband’s could be a possible lover from his past? Her reaction to finding Trevor and Edgard kissing is very realistic and I was not surprised when she needed time away to think about the future of her marriage.

One thing that did irk me was that after Chassie calmed down, she was able to forgive Trevor, which I was fine with, but her quick acceptance at allowing Trevor and Edgard to act on their passion for one another didn’t seem to fit. Even when Chassie joins in on the fun, I was still questioning why she was so fine with everything. I was expecting a bit more time to pass before she could become accustomed to the idea of sharing her husband with another man. But, if you are able to put aside that issue, Trevor, Chassie and Edgard give the reader some great eye opening sex. Nothing is taboo between these three.

Rough, Raw and Ready is book 5 in Lorelei James’ Rough Rider series and those who are fans of her other books will certainly enjoy this latest by her. I, for one, did enjoy the read even with a few small problems I had, mainly with Chassie’s quick acceptance of Edgard. Overall, this is one HOT cowboy ménage a trios that had me reaching for a fan.

3 stars out of 5 stars

Katiebabs (KB)


Anonymous said...

LOL, who doesn't love cowboys? ;)

This book was just added to my TBR pile the other day. I have yet to read anything by this author but I figured I would give it a shot. Do you have to read the whole series or can it be read as a stand alone?

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

This is the first read by James for me. Even though Trevor and Edgard appear in the last story, this could be read as a stand alone.

azteclady said...

You now my book budget is already dead, right?



Tracy said...

I've not read any of James' work. This sounds like a good book but I'm with you in the fact that I would expect it to take a while for Chassie to come to terms with the relationship between her husband and his friend. And that's just from reading your review!