Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wednesday Night TV at my house

I'm tired today. You see, last night was So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I watched it from 9:00 to 10:00 and then voted for the next two hours. And then I noticed it was on again on one of the Western Channels I get so I watched it again. I didn't go to bed until 1:00 am. And considering I was on the early shift today, that meant I had to get up pretty early in the morning.

I usually wait until after the results show tonight before posting - but once you see some of the routines, you will realize why I couldn't wait to share them!!

The first one I voted for was Allie and Danny. What I enjoyed about this routine is it's Hip Hop but Allie's background is ballet and Danny's is ballroom. So Hip Hop is way out their element for both. Considering that, I thought they did pretty good

The next couple I voted for were Natalli and Francis. I know Carrie disagrees *g* but I like this couple. I just wish they would get more variety in their dances.

And now for the top two routines. These ones got the majority of my votes

Lisa and Vincent. This routine was spectacular!!! And I'm still enthralled with Vincent and his role as the lead vampire in last weeks Group Dance! I voted for them A LOT last night!

And now - HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS FOR THIS NEXT DANCE. You are going to need a fan while watching this one!!!!

Arrasay & Nico. I don't have to say anything else - JUST WATCH IT

And FWIW - Leah Miller, the host is an idiot!!

And my most HEARTFELT thanks to Carrie for these next pictures!! She sent them to me and I opened my email at work (bad little worker bee - but I knew it was about SYTYCD - and I just couldn't resist!!!)

Now he can bite my neck anytime!!

Ooooh yea.

They are just so darn adorable together

Nico said earlier he loves to give hugs. Oh baby it looks like he gives good ones!!

Just after I opened this one, the power went out in our building. I think the wires must have overheated!! I know my wires did!

Now Arrasay who is from Cuba and Nico who is French Canadian have been a fabulous couple right from the beginning. But starting next week, they draw for different partners. I'm going to be SO sad to see this happen. They are both extremely attractive people and they chemistry they have together is out of this stratosphere!!


M. said...

I love this show too.
I think the judges talk too much!
Happy Lisa and Vincent made it to the top 10 - was worried about them for awhile. I'd be happy to see them and N&A make it to the finals!

nath said...

I'm pretty sure N&A will make it to the top. At least, Nico.

My sister says that the Quebecker guys are in trouble though... because ppl in Quebec won't be voting as hard as the rest of the country... we'll see how it goes ;D

I can't believe Isaac and his partner weren't in the bottom 3!

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: LOL - well if I have anything to say about it they will be in the top. Led by Nico - they are fantastic dancers. I'm not kidding when I say I spend two hours voting - I vote - one call right after another :-)

M: The judges can be annoying can't they? But *shudder* it's Leah Miller who really gets on my nerves!! She certainly isn't any Cat Deeley!! But the dancers are an amazing talent - specially Nico and Arassay!