Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Yes, we have us another Quester!! Stacy of Stacy's Place on Earth has a wonderful review of Broken Wing up!! Be sure to Check It Out!

Now back to reading since the damn has broke!


And then we have Wendy's view of it. While not as flattering as Stacy's *g* she did do a good job in her review and yes - I'm still talking to her (heh heh heh) but I do disagree (most respectfully *g*) with her on one point in the comments ;-)

Once again we see that we are all different in our reading tastes and Vive la Différence!


azteclady said...

Oh I'm so glad the dam has broken!

Back in March I had an eleven day no desire to read spell, and I'm still traumatized 0_0

Welcome back to reading, Kristie, you've been missed!

Kwana said...

I finished Broken Wing over the holiday. I'm torn over it. I'll have my thoughts up soon. I'm reading Seduce Me at Sunrise right now another tortured hero. I may do a comparison. I wasn't crazy for Broken Wing although I did enjoy it. It was high and low for me. I'm like Wendy on quite a few points although not as strong as her. I'd recommend it.