Monday, September 29, 2008

KristieJ and Katiebabs talk books

A special book deserves special treatment and Katie and I have been planning this one for weeks! You get not one, but two reviews and then our chat.

So grab a coffee, something to munch on and sit back for a Very Long Post!

KristieJ's Review:

I’ve about five pages left in Seduce Me At Sunrise and I’m a bit baffled now as to what to do. Do I just sit and savour it? Do I reread it again since I gulped it down the first time? Or do I write a review.

Well, it seems the answer is evident – I’m writing a review.

I don’t know if many people know this or not, but Dreaming of You is my favourite all time book and Derek Craven my all time favourite hero since I first read Dreaming of You all those many years ago. There have been many heroes by many authors of many genres over the years that I’ve adored, but none have been able to topple Derek. Well, Merripen hasn’t toppled Derek, but for the first time I can say a hero has equalled Derek Craven in my many years of reading.

From the back of the book:

From the New York Times bestselling author of Mine Till Midnight comes a dazzling novel about forbidden love and long-denied desire – the kind of passion that happens once in a lifetime…..

Seduce Me At Sunrise

He has tried so hard to forget her

Kev Merripen has longed for the beautiful, well-bred Winnifred Hathaway ever since her family rescued him from the brink of death when he was just a boy. But this handsome Gypsy is a man of mysterious origins – and he fears that the darkness of his past could crush delicate, luminous Win. So Kev refuses to submit to temptation…and before long Win is torn away from him by a devastating twist of fate.

Can she remember the man he once was?

Then, Win returns to England…only to find that Kev has hardened into a man who will destroy love at all costs. Meantime, an attractive, seductive suitor has set his sights o Win. It’s now or never for Kev to make his move. But first, he must confront a dangerous secret about his destiny – or risk losing the only woman he has lived for…

While mostly true, there are a few things that are different in the story then what’s written on the back cover, but for the most part, it’s fairly accurate.

If I had to describe this book in just a couple of words they would be heartbreaking and longing. Even without a single love scene I would give this book a hot rating because the longing between Merripen and Win is palpable. We can feel it seething on every page. It’s a rare book where I can feel everything the writer has written as vividly as I felt in this book.

While I don’t think it’s necessary to have read Mine Till Midnight before reading this one, I would recommend it. You get to see in MTM even then the longing Merripen – or Kev and Win have for each other. And you get Cam and Amelia’s story. You also meet Leo. Although this is Win and Kev’s story, Cam, Amelia and Leo play a large role.

But I say it isn’t necessary because the author gives up enough of the background between Win and Kev that we get a sense that these two people really are destined for each other – they are soul mates. I know there are a lot of readers out there who don’t really care for this aspect, but I ask that they lay aside their judgment for this story. I guarantee they won’t be sorry. Even before Kev meets Win, he is captured by her. The Hathaway family finds Kev, alone and left for dead by his Rom family. He really had it bad before that, hated and despised by his Rom family, he is filled with anger and bitterness and at first hates the Hathaway family with the exception of Win. Gradually though he adjusts and becomes a part of the family, only if it’s on the peripheral edge – by his own choice.

Win has suffered a terrible case of Scarlet fever when she was younger and it’s left her an invalid. Merripen takes it upon himself to become her protector. At the end of the first section of Seduce Me At Sunrise, she has left for France where she hopes she can regain her health and come back to Win a new and healthy woman. Just before she leaves however, she tries to tell him how she feels about him, but he will have nothing to do with her. We can feel Win’s anguish and pain at being rejected by the man she loves with all her being.

And we again feel her pain when, returns from France and goes to see Merripen, only to discover he thinks she’s a ‘woman’ he hasn’t ordered but will use anyway (this isn’t a spoiler at it’s the scene posted on her website). Time and again, Merripen breaks her heart by rejecting her, even though she senses what he really feels for her.

For his part, Ms. Kleypas does an incredible job in letting us see into Merripen’s soul; to feel the longing he has for Win and his agony at not thinking he’s good enough for her. There are a few scenes where he breaks her heart and we would be angry at him, except his is breaking even more and the author makes us feel it. There is one scene in particular though where is almost hard to forgive what he does – or doesn’t do.

But least you think this book is all suffering and dark it isn’t. There were a number of very funny scenes that had me grinning. In one particular scene, Win is asking Merripen to apologize to the doctor who has helped make her better and he is insulting the doctor instead – only the tongue he uses is Rom. Cam plays interpreter only he diplomatically translates what Merripen is really saying.

And I can’t say enough good things about the role of the secondary characters in this book. Although it’s Win and Merripen’s story, Cam and Amelia are major figures. And while I did love Can in MTM, he is just delicious in this book. If Merripen is the dark side of love, then Cam is the light side. I love seeing him and Amelia and the key roles they play and the love they share.

When last we saw Leo, the brother, he was a badly damaged soul without much hope of recovery. Well, I’m happy to say that he has turned a real corner in this one and while he still needs work – and his heroine, he is quite the charmer in this book now.

And also for those who read MTM, the mystery of the matching tattoos is revealed. I won’t say how, ‘cause I’m sure you want to read it for yourself.

If there was one thing a bit lacking in MTM, it was a sense of the Rom culture and Cam’s role in it. Although Cam was half gypsy, we didn’t really get much of a feel for that side of him. This is not the case in Seduce Me At Sunrise. Rather, Ms. Kleypas gives us quite a good insight into the customs and traditions of the Rom and it really adds awareness to the story.

Something else I just have to point out about Lisa Kleypas books is how much I appreciate the fact that many of her heroes are ‘every day’ type heroes. Yes, there are titled heroes in some of her books. But I love the fact that she also writes books where the heroes are gambling hell owners, book publishers, sons of butchers. In this era of ‘titled’ heroes and heroines, it’s great to see some who are commoners. Not many authors do this and I wish more would.

As you are reading this, you might notice it’s a much longer review than I normally do, but I’m just so damn over the moon about this book. While there have been MANY books she has written since Dreaming of You that I’ve really enjoyed, for me, Seduce Me At Sunrise is equal to Dreaming of You for this reader. And you have to know that is really saying a lot! I now have a two-way tie for best book of 2008. And wouldn’t you know – they were both written by the same person. Blue Eyed Devil and Seduce Me at Sunrise are both sure to become classics. I’m thinking if I see anything less than 5’s right across the board on this book when the Amazon reviews start appearing, then I just might have to call them crazy.

Grade: 5+ out of 5

KatieBab's Review:

When Mine Till Midnight came out last year, not only did I enjoy the luscious love story Lisa penned between the gypsy Cam, who was a secondary character in her Wallflower books, and that of Amelia Hathaway, but all the wonderful new characters she had invented. Lisa wrote another amazing love story and introduced us to a whole new set of characters that I have grown to love, the Hathaway siblings. I can assume that most readers feel the same way I do. When I found out that the next book Lisa was writing was about Amelia’s sickly sister, Win, and the love she has for Merripen, the wild gypsy boy the family took in, I knew this was going to be another winner.

Merripen, the hero of Seduce Me at Sunrise, may possibly be about one of most passionate and darkest heroes that Lisa has ever created. Merripen, who also goes by Kev, well only really by Win, made such an impression on me in Mine Till Midnight. His smoldering looks and quiet but semi feral nature really caught my eye. And since I am such a sucker for those types of male characters, I knew Merripen’s book was going to be a great book. This is a man who is tortured in every sense of his being. He feels he is worthless, less than a dog. He was taught at a very early age that he is useless and that has stayed with him way into his adulthood. By the time he was saved by the Hathaways, the damage had been done. But a small ray of sunshine came into his life and that was Win. Win made him believe in himself. He still felt he wasn’t good enough for Win, but made it his mission in life to protect and watch over her. He knew he couldn’t belong to her as a man who loves a woman should. He didn’t want to dirty her pure innocence with his dank, dark soul. But Win wants Merripen as much as he wants her, and won’t allow him to walk away from her. Merripen wants Win body and soul, and you can bet Win wants the same thing.

Unfortunately, Win became very ill and that changed their relationship forever. If Win had died from scarlet fever, Merripen was ready to follow her into the afterworld. This is a man whose dedication and devotion for a woman was so very powerful, perhaps a bit obsessive and borderline deranged, but since Lisa is a pro at writing these complicated men, she makes sure never tohave Merripen cross that line passed the point of no return.

Seduce Me at Sunrise is a story about two people who so very much belong together. But, they continually remain apart till they are so weak in the heart for one another that they finally come together in a passion that they no longer can deny. Much as Cam made Amelia his by kidnapping her, Merripen does the same with Win. You would assume their love for one another would be a rough and almost violent act because of the years of unbridled lust between them. Rather, Merripen is sweet and respectful. He treats Win as if she is a butterfly, but at the same time gives her such pleasure in his arms because she is with the man she so very much loves and adores. Merripen and Win’s love story is one of the best I have read this year and if you are a fan of Lisa’s work, like I am, you will not be disappointed in anyway. Seduce Me at Sunrise is everything and more. Every time I read a new Kleypas novel, I am in such awe because her heroes and heroines are so very unique.

One final issue I do have with Lisa, is that her heroes have ruined me for real life men. And now Merripen has been added to my growing harem of Kleypas heroes.

4 stars out of 5 stars

And Now for our Chat

KristieJ: So

- how is you SMAS review coming?

KatieBabs: I am trying to get my thoughts in order. I would say it was a fun read, loved Kev and Win. Kev.. omg

KristieJ: I KNOW!! - But oops - we have to save this - unless you want todo a chat now *g*

KatieBabs: we can do that

KristieJ: I don't know 'bout you - I can do with some cheering up by thinking luscious thoughts about Kev! Let me get a beer and settle down for a nice chat then about the best damn historical I've read by Kleypas since DOY

KatieBabs: okey dokey *longs for a beer*

Pause while I get a beer

KristieJ: So - I'm ready. First off - I have to be shallow. I just loved the inside step cover!! The guy was hawt and if I was Win, I could see why she wanted him so bad. I opened it and went Whoa Mama! But that's cause I'm shallow about things like that *g*

KatieBabs: I do love the covers where you see the woman in the dress looking all demure and then open the cover slat and WHOA, sex and naked people!

KristieJ: That's the perfect cover isn't it? Tasteful on the outside - raunchy on the inside - just like me – bwaaahhhhaaaa. And *big grin* I'm thinking you think his hair is too long - cause it's a generational thing

KatieBabs: on the outside we are classy broads

KristieJ: Classy - yep

KatieBabs: I like men with short hair, much like Richard, yup, have to bring him up

KristieJ: ROTFL

KatieBabs: I can imagine a young Richard as Kev

KristieJ: his hair is longer as Guy - but seriously *g* what did you think of the cover model?

KatieBabs: pretty good choice. Wouldn't throw him out of bed *G*

KristieJ: And now that we've had our shallow moment - how about the inside - what did you think of the book overall

KatieBabs: This is another great historical by Lisa. Luscious romance, to die for hero and a heroine who is so very special

KristieJ: Indeed! I. LOVED. EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. I haven't been this pumped about a book since Dreaming of You. Kev just melted my heart

KatieBabs: Kev was one of the most darkest and angsty heroes Lisa has ever come up with. His pain was so real, enough to touch it; the love he had for Win was borderline obsessive much like Heathcliff had for Kathy in Wuthering Heights

KristieJ: That's what I thought too!!! I liked that you likened him to Heathcliffe in the Book Smugglers review. He was a lot like Heathcliffe without the cruelty. And Lisa wrote his character so perfectly that you COULD feel his pain. I can't remember the last time I felt that much emotion just pouring off a character. It was amazing

KristieJ: Just a sec and I'll send you my review. Warning though - it's the longest review I've ever done………….OK - it's on it's way.

KatieBabs: Wow almost 1500 words!

KristieJ: it took me a couple of days to do because there was so much I wanted to say - without giving anything away

KatieBabs: I especially liked how we became reacquainted with the Hathaways again and of course how Cam and Amelia were married

KristieJ: Oh me too!! I thought she blended them into the story perfectly. They were vital to the story - not just extras she threw in case we forgot them

KatieBabs: Just like The Wallflowers, Lisa writes great relationships with friends and family and the Hathaways have quickly become my favorite literary family

KristieJ: Mine too. They are so much fun and so vivid aren't they? And Leo - it was so good to see him doing so much better in this story. He's really come a long way in this healing process.

KatieBabs: I think I know who Leo will be with hee hee

KristieJ: I loved the scenes with Leo and the hedgehog and the garters

KatieBabs: I really like Leo also. He may have demons inside but is trying to live again and have fun

KristieJ: And maybe I'm just super aware because I know Lisa watched and loved North and South - but did you catch her mention of the Exhibition in London with all the machinery? I couldn't help but think - I bet that’s the same one that John Thornton went to *g* when Kev was talking about machinery and everything - naturally my mind went to N&S

KatieBabs: Um, I was more in awe by Kev's lusty thoughts for Win. lol

KristieJ: ROTFL - what? Not machinery?

KatieBabs: Kev's machinery? lmao

KristieJ: He was a lusty one - Kev wasn't he? And just as refreshing so was Win. She wanted Kev - and she wanted him baaaadddd. I loved that about her character. No shrinking violet was Win. She didn't hesitate to make her thoughts and wants known to Kev. And I loved the little bit about how she got him to tell her his name

KatieBabs: I especially like the flashbacks how Kev came into the Hathaways lives and how Kev would only want Win to be in the room with him

KristieJ: I think there are few authors who can do love scenes as viscerally as Lisa Kleypas. In a lot of romances I just skip over them. But in her books I FEEL them

KatieBabs: and very dark, when he thought Win was dying, he was about to go with her if she did.

KristieJ: That was so tender wasn't it? This poor abused young man who hated everything was instantly tamed by this innocent young woman. That got me too - the depth of emotion he felt for her. That if she wasn't in his life - life wasn't worth living. And even at such a young age there was such a pull between the two of them. It was so wonderfully written

KatieBabs: Lisa sure can hit you in the gut with the passion her characters have for one another

KristieJ: That's what struck me most about this book - more than any other book she's written - including her contemporaries - which I love beyond belief. But there is something just gut punching about Seduce me at Sunrise - in a different way. The longing between Win and Kev was wondrously done. I'm getting very flowery in my adjectives - but I just can't help it. This book AWED me - from cover to cover

KatieBabs: So you are a bigger fan of Kev over Cam?

KristieJ: Oh yes! Kev is now equal to Derek in my heroes. They are tied and I didn't think anyone would ever tie with Derek

KatieBabs: I found Kev to be a bit much darker than Derek

KristieJ: Oh much darker. He was obsessive in his love for Win. And so determined not to give into that love

KatieBabs: Oh, but when he gave in... ROWL!! Win did not give up!

KristieJ: I LOVED that scene. So Very Very Romantic - and what followed after - so Very, Very Hot. I've already started rereading this one. That's a sign of something special for me

KatieBabs: How Kev decides to "take" Win? And he takes her all over the place! heh heh

KristieJ: And her innocence at wanting to 'clean' up first. I can so see something like that happening with an innocent young woman who doesn't really know her own body. And his explanation *dreamy sigh* Even the epilogue in this book was special. She took what could have been a cliché and made it as important a part of the book as the rest of it. The scenes were again so vividly written

KatieBabs: He was so tender but so masterful. *fanning myself*

KristieJ: So where do you rate Kev on your hero list? I know Jack is your favourite

KatieBabs: I am to the point that rating Lisa's heroes are impossible because they are oh so good

KatieBabs: There is one major spoiler that I felt was contrived a bit and wish it didn't happen

KristieJ: OK - time out *g* - which scene was that - we will have to do spoiler here


KatieBabs: Kev and Cam being brothers. did not like

KristieJ: Ahhh - I didn't dislike it - it certainly explains the tattoos. I thought they were like two sides of the same coin. Raised separately, they ended up so differently.

KatieBabs: but too cliché, a bit like the soap operas where two characters don't care for each other and BAM they are related! didn't jive for me

KristieJ: Well - I think Cam liked Kev well enough - but Kev didn't really like anyone - with the exception of Win. He was fond of the Hathaways, but didn't really consider them family.

KristieJ: And I think it was certainly within the realm of possibility from the first book - the only 2 tattoos that matched exactly and neither knew where they came from. *g* it worked for me.

KatieBabs : I had no clue Lisa had this planned from reading Mine Till Midnight. She is tricky, fooling me! Lol


KatieBabs: on a scale of 1-10, 10 being scandalous, how would you rate the sex scenes with other Kleypas novels?

KristieJ: I'd give this a 10. Maybe not in the 'act' itself. But in the tension and the build-up and the attraction between the two of them. How about you?

KatieBabs: I would say between a 7- 8. Just steamy enough. Remember, I am still stuck on a certain OMG smoking hot scene from Suddenly You

KristieJ: LOL - I was thinking of you and that scene. I know it's one of your favorites

And overall - what would you give this book?

KatieBabs: I would give this an 8 or 4 stars

KristieJ: Really?? Is that all? I give it a 5+. I know it's going to be my favorite English historical for a long time to come - and that’s among some Very Good Books I've read this year. I think this one will probably crack my all time top ten of ALL Time

KatieBabs: I also found it be to a great book, and I am finding that this year has so many awesome books. I have no clue where to place them in my top list.

KristieJ: When does it come out so that everyone can rush to the store to get it? I'm lucky they released it early here in Canada!!

KatieBabs: Why, it hits the shelves on Tuesday, September 30

OK - you heard Katie. The book should be out tomorrow. Our advice – get thee to a bookstore on the way to work, at lunchtime or on the way home and Buy This Book. I’d say tell them Kristie & Katiebabs sent you, but then they would go “Who?” and look at you funny.


Katiebabs said...

What a great review, chat, trailer and of course some lovely Richard pictures :D

Ciara said...

5+ out of 5?!?!?!?! Wow. Impressive. I'm sold. Kleypas is always amazing.

I love your joint review!

Stacy~ said...

Ladies, another fabulous joint review. I completely loved this book, and never wanted it to end. Kev was the kind of hero that makes my heart beat faster because he is so incredibly in love with Win, and nothing else really matters. That probably would be really pathetic in RL, but Lisa writes it in such a emotional and sensitive way that it only makes him more attractive. Kev is a tough hero to beat, no question. Oh man, I want more sexy Kev.

And I truly liked Win a lot. I thought she was a wonderful heroine for him, innocent but not simple or spineless. They were the perfect match.

Kristie (J) said...

Ciara: yep - for me it was the perfect blend of all things I love in a romance - a to die for hero who is filled with angst and who would do ANYTHING for the heroine, a heroine who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it. Dark at times and light at others - enough to make me smile and chuckle in places, a character (secondary) who was lost to all, but was on the road to recovery, GREAT & IMPORTANT scenes with characters from the previous book that we loved, VERY well written love scenes, and inside step cover with a gorgeous model to picture as her hero (for my shallow side) - just everything. And I've mentioned to Kate a couple of times that *laughing* I still can't believe she only gave it a 4.

Kristie (J) said...

Stacey: Oh I so loved Kev too! I didn't think it would ever happen - but I read a hero equal to Derek.
And *laughing* it hasn't ended for me. I started rereading it again and now I'm rereading Mine Till Midnight and then I'm pretty sure I'll read SMAS a third time :-)

Misty G said...

Well, I have to say it. Kev beats out Derek for me, but if it's any consolation, Derek beats out St Vincent, who we all know could not win in a street fight against either Derek or Kev....sorry Sybil, but I must take a stand!

Leslie said...

What a wonderful joint review ladies! I can't wait to read SMAS. My all time favorite Kleypas hero is Nick so we'll see how Merripen measures up. *g*

Kristie ~ on the soul mate thing I don't mind at all. As long as the author shows the reader that they really belong together.

Katie ~ I'm reading MTM now and Merripen caught my eye too. I like Cam but there's just something about Merripen...

Ana said...

Great review ladies!!! I agree with you, this is one of the best books this year. Kev OMG, amazing. The Heathcliff connection was so powerful...loved it. I agree with Katiebabs with regards to the spoiler.

CindyS said...

I haven't been so excited to get a book in ages. A dark hero - I'm totally there!! And I'm so shocked that Derek could have an equal in your heart. That alone tells me this book is awesome! Off to check stock up here - course, it's 3am so I'll have to wait until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

This book sounds very appealing. The way you write about Kev and Win - well, now I have another one (two) for my list to buy and it's already a really long list. :)

Thanks for the great joint review. I really like them.

Jace said...

Kristie, so glad you haven't abandoned us. Yay!!!

Lisa Kleypas said...

Dear Kristie and Katie,

It's 4 in the morning. I'm drinking my first cup of coffee, and I'm sitting at my desk, sloth-like . . . and I just read this amazing joint review . . . I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I feel like that scene in the Grinch where his heart grows outside the magnifying glass *g*. Just . . . THANK YOU.

I guess you can tell how much fun it was to write SMAS. I loved the character of Kev because he is so primal and the moment he meets Win, she becomes the center of his existence. And I loved Win because even though she was an invalid, she's not wimpy and forbearing. But it was the ensemble of the Hathaways that I had the most fun with--to me they all have good "family chemistry" because they're such a collection of oddballs *g*

I hope it doesn't sound too formal when I say I'm honored by your reviews . . . I feel completely special, and I'm sitting here smiling at my computer screen :)

Much love and thanks--


Jill D. said...

Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I am dying to get my hands on this! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

AnimeJune said...

Great review!

Although, the more I read the review, the more I think it sounds like "Again the Magic," which was another Kleypas novel that involved characters perpetually overcome by passion who couldn't tell each other, and I really, REALLY didn't like that book.

I prefer Kleypas when her books are more light-hearted (like the Wallflower books), but her darker stuff I think is a little too over the top. I think there's a spectrum for the amount of fantasy in a romance novel, with OMG Hearts and Stars, Heroes Built Like Wrestlers, Heroines Gorgeous Goddesses Luurv at one end, and Regular Dudes and Chicks at the other end.

I think it may come down to taste - I prefer a bit of the grit of realism to come into a romance story, and that's not usually a huge factor in Kleypas novels.

little alys said...

*sigh* I want this book even more now. I think I'm ready to go into blog hybernation just to keep my mind off the books I'm not getting until later.

Another wonderful review by the two of you! *happy sigh*

Tracy said...

Wow this sounds great! I love it when you all do your joint/im review - very fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so jealous that you know what happens before I do!!!! I have been waiting for what seems like forever for this book. Barely surviving off the scraps of an excerpt on Lisa Kleypas' site.

Last year, I had the poor stock boy at B&N digging through the back room looking for Mine Till Midnight because they hadn't put them out yet. Poor kid :P I'm actually out to the bookstore now. I hope they are more prepared! I can't wait!!!


kmont said...

Great Long Post!

I can't wait to read this, but will AHVE to wait. Grrrr. I haven't even gone out to buy it yet. Iz deranged fer sure.

I loved yalls joint review though! I admit to skimming some so as not to dilute my own reading too much, but yalls chat convo made me LMAO. :D

Aymless said...

*pulls out TBB* *sigh*

Love you guys... really I do! Just that my wallet doesn't! Oh well. The TBB was getting dangerously short anyway. *wink*

Alice: me find you copy! *g*

Kristie (J) said...

Misty: Either Kev or Derek could take St. Vincent in a street brawl couldn't they? And I don't mind if Kev beats Derek for you - since I think he's just delicious!!

Leslie: I'm curious to see how Kev measures up too *g*. I'm willing to bet that he makes it to the top for a lot of readers!

Ana: I just reread MTM - and knowing now what I didn't know then - I could totally see it! - the spoiler that is. And yep - Kev IS Amazing *wicked grin*

Cindy: Yep - the he = Derek is about the highest recommendation there is!! Have you read MTM?

Taja: *g* sorry about that. But if you want to take it from me, I'd put these two in front of the line for TBB books.

Jace: Thanks! I simply had to come back for this book :)

Lisa: Primal!!!! I wish I'd thought of that word to describe Kev 'cause it is the PERFECT word to describe him!! And that's what help makes him such a vivid hero. All that primality (don't think that's a word though) directed to Win. And I loved her too because she never let things get her down. She never gave in to self pity and it would have been so easy for her to do under the circumstances. And I love the way she never stopped going after Kev.
And I'm glad I started your day out well :) You started mine out well too, oh so many times while reading your books - though I'll confess not quite that early!

Jill: And when you do, I guarantee you will SO love it!!!

AnimeJune: I've read Again The Magic and trust me - they may sound alike in the review, but *grin* they are NOTHING alike in the reading. I know what issues you had with ATM - I had some of them too. But there is nothing like them in this book. Kev & Win are definitely the feature couple. Cam and Amelia are very important characters, but the don't take anything away from Win and Kev. And Win wasn't anything like Aline!! There was dark and light in this book which made for a wonderful contrast.

Alice: Oh you will LOVE IT!! I hope your wait isn't too long.

Tracy: We have fun doing them too :) We have more lined up since we both agree we like doing this.

Barbara: *laughing* I was just at your blog and it looks like you aren't very far behind!!

Kmont: *chuckle* I do the same thing when someone has posted about a book that I plan on reading soon - skim the review A LOT. So I'm glad you could read the chat after *g*.

Aymless: *laughing* Like I said to Taja, my advice is to move this one HIGH on the TBB list.

Anonymous said...

:D I finished it!!!

I was exhausted from a long day, two crazy kids and a sick hubby who swears he's on his way out. (It's a head cold mind you, lol)

I drank a pot of coffee to keep me going, but I'm done. All I have to say is LISA KLEYPAS ROCKS!!! Her stories just keep getting better and better. I will post something in it in the morning.

Kwana said...

Your reviews have me running to get this book. Running!!!

Kristie (J) said...

Kwana: I can most definitely say you won't be sorry!! This one is wonderful!!

HIlcia said...

I loved your review and I'm in total agreement. I found this to be an emotional and passionate book. Top of the heap for me! Kev, Kev, Kev!