Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Old age and loss of memory

I've started getting more and more impatient for new releases the past couple of months so I've been ordering on line lately. There seems to be a problem with this however. It seems I've been forgetting what I ordered and ordered it again. In the past few weeks with them starting to come in, I've found my self with:

3 copies of The Price of Desire by Jo Goodman. Two I ordered online and one I bought in the store. D'oh

2 copies of The Storm by Jean Johnson. Then a little elf sent me a copy so I have 3.

2 copies of Sweet Spot by Susan Mallery

2 copies of The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter

Now after discovering all these duplicates, I had a bit of a quandry - what should I do with them? I thought I could give them away - but then there is a limit to what I'll give away (and speaking of which - not to worry - I still have quite a few I got in SF).
I'm not really good at sending things back in the mail. I had an outstanding parking ticket I got back in April that I didn't get around to mailing. And it's a pain in the neck going down to pay it in person.
But then I was checking into the Chapters online site and they said I could return it to the store itself as long as I had the receipt.

SCORE!!!!! Being a pack rat, I keep all kinds of stuff and I still have the boxes not even opened yet. And I don't even care if they don't give me money back but a credit instead. 'Cause you have to know I'm going to be spending more money there.

And speaking of being forgetful, I kind of forgot to renew my license stickers too. I was supposed to have them on the car by August 11, but between going to San Francisco, being sick, being super busy at work and then going on another vacation, it kind of slipped my mind. Then of course I panicked - not an unusual reaction for me. I couldn't find my liability slip, I couldn't find the emissions test I had done (at least I had that done in May!).
Luckily all the stars aligned though. I managed to find the emissions slip. I called my insurance broker and she emailed me a copy of the liability slip - I tell you even though it scares the heck out of me, you gotta love technology. And best of all, there was a Ministry of Transportation outlet only a couple of blocks from where I work. So I went over at lunch to get it taken care of. I went for the option of a two year license sticker and I had to pay off that outstanding parking ticket so it was a bit more than if I did things normally. But still it was kind of nice feeling as I drove back to work knowing I got myself out of a jam of my own creation.
But I wonder sometimes if I'm the only one who forgets things like books they already had and got duplicates(or triplicates).
Does anyone else forget the routine kind of thing you do once a year or once a month or whatever?

Things I ponder on a hot summer night.


CindyS said...

Uh, yeah. I haven't got my sticker yet either and it's now Sept and birthday was in Aug. So can't drive car until I get sticker. Was going to go tonight but Bob called and was on his way home so 'please just come home and we can do it another day?'

Books - All. The. Time.

At least you return yours, I sometimes don't figure out I have duplicates until months later when I'm moving books around.

Right now I can't remember what books I've bought lately which means me in a bookstore is not a good thing. I think seeing covers on blogs as much as I do I just assume, 'oh, I have that one' and then I don't or I think 'ah, there it is' only I bought it a week before. Ugh!

So yeah. I'm forgetful also, it's the negative self-talk I do that I can live without!


azteclady said...

It happened to me with DVDs. These days I have a little notebook in my purse with all my movies listed alphabetically (yes, I'm a tad anal retentive, why do you ask? :-P ) I also have a hard copy of my wish list and books I'm looking for used and...

I keep the lists and notebooks in my purse 'cause otherwise I'd forget where I put them :-D

Amy C said...

When it comes to the vehicles, I'm glad I have my husband. I can remember to pay for the stuff but he's the one to remember to put the stuff in the window!

I've never yet bought the same book twice. Maybe I did once. I very seldom ever order online (it's free shipping if I have the bookstore order it for me!)

Kristie (J) said...

AmyC - that's the same with me. Ron used to bug me and bug me about stuff like stickers until I'd do it, but now I have to think of that kind of stuff on my own. And as one who spends quite a bit of time with her head in the clouds (or in my ozone layer as Ron used to call it) it's a tough go at times remembering.

AL: LOL - with over 3,000 books, I'd have to carry a suitcase around with me with my list! I think I'm up to about 30 pages for the list - and that's on LEGAL sized paper!!

Cindy: I'm glad I'm not the only one who kind of doesn't get around to that kind of stuff. And thank goodness I put the sticker actually on the car last night! I've been know to travel around with it in my purse but a friend was telling me it's a $250 fine if it's not right on the car if you get pulled over!!!

Katiebabs said...

Kristie, you and I are having the same problem. I find myself not only with duplicates but triples and more!
We can open our own book store! LOL

Alyssa said...

Oh, I can relate! August was my month for registering my car. I took it in for the inspection but forgot to get online and pay until two days ago.

You know, I may see if Borders will take back my duplicates. I know I've got a few hanging around.

azteclady said...

kristie, what you need is one of those electronic gadgets... (I want one myself, can you tell?) where you can have your inventory and your wish list and your duplicates and everything else listed and updated at the stroke of a key...