Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Guess That Book!

After a brief hiatus where I enjoyed reading for a week but no internet, then came back and had to work the long weekend, Guess That Book is back again.

This book giveaway, Hot Wheels and High Heels by Jane Graves, is one I really enjoyed. When I was in San Francisco I asked the author if she would mind if I gave it away and she was delighted when I asked her and gave me this one as well as her newest release which will be another give away.
I'd love for more readers to discover this author and what better way then to get a freebie.

Now it's time to Guess That Book

We've now begun - Clue Number one

She's a writer of biographies


Maered said...

Ok, I'm first. Is it Genuine Lies by Nora Roberts?

Kristie (J) said...

Maered: good guess, but alas, no it's not Genuine Lies.

nath said...

Hmmm, I thought the same as maered.... I kind of remember reading a book recently about a woman writing biographies... but can't remember now. clue no. 2 please!

Kristie (J) said...

Nath *g* Clue 2 will come tomorrow

Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

I don't know but I do have to say I agree with you about "HOT WHEELS AND HIGH HEELS" I loved that book!! I felt like it was a coming of age book for the heroine. Some of us just don't grow up till later in life. LOL

Anonymous said...

Is it Rameau's Niece by Coleen Schine?
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