Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recent Read

Ghost Moon by Rebecca York

Why this one: As you may remember, I mentioned to Katie that I prefer werewolf books to vampire and I said I was reading this one

Steam Level: It might be a tad difficult to see the person across from you – they might be blurry

Amazon Blurb:

A freed slave from a parallel universe, Quinn has come to this world on a vital mission. But she's stopped in her tracks by the seductive attentions of a mysterious spirit. He's a ghost named Caleb Marshall—a werewolf who was supposedly murdered by the ancestors of her dearest friends...

When Caleb finds a way to take over a human body, Quinn can no longer resist her overwhelming desire, even though she's not sure she can trust him. But soon she discovers that they have a common enemy—and if she doesn't act fast, she may lose the man she's come to love, along with her life...

My thoughts: I had read a couple of her earlier werewolf books in a related series and quite liked them. Then I read one that I didn’t really care for and she kind of fell off my radar. I got this one in San Francisco and decided to take them back up again. Apparently I missed a few in between and I wish I had read them first as I would have got a better impression of this alternate universe she has incorporated but as it is, I really enjoyed this one. It was quite different. It’s got quite a few different paranormal elements going on and normally it might be too many for me, but in this book they all really worked.

At the start of the book we see a fight to the death between two men in werewolf form which happened a long time ago – sometime in the 1920’s I think – it’s been a while since I read it and I don’t remember the exact date but as it’s a very short scene I’m not going to look it up.

Cut to the present time and our heroine Quinn has escaped from an alternate Earth – one in which things went terribly wrong and there is a real divide between rich and poor. The rich have enslaved the poor. Quinn is looking for a way to help her friend still stuck and pregnant in the not so good universe and a tear has been discovered between the two that allows her to travel back and forth. While she is on her way to meet up with friends (characters from a previous book I haven’t read but plan to) she feels this ‘presence’. It turns out to be Caleb who has somehow not ‘gone on’ to the next world. Quinn has some kind of special powers and is able to see and feel him. Caleb is overjoyed as he hasn’t been able to talk to anyone since he died. There is an instant attraction between these two and I had no trouble buying into it. All seems hopeless though what with him being a werewolf ghost and her from another dimension. But when he somehow manages to take over another body, it seems they might have a future after all. But Caleb must deal with some unforeseen issues first.

I thought Caleb an excellent hero. The author manages to make us feel his lonliness and his joy at finding someone who can ‘reach’ him. And not just someone, but the person who it turns out is his chosen mate. He’s a bit autocratic in his dealings with Quinn, but then he comes from a different time.

And Quinn is a very good heroine. She is loyal to her friends and also loyal to Caleb. I think it would have been better if I had read the previous books, but as it is, I didn’t have much problem picking up on this story. There are some visits with characters I had met before.

I’m glad I picked this book up and I plan on going back and forward with this series.

Grade: 4 out of 5


Katiebabs said...

This a futuristic werewolf read? Wow, that is pretty diffferent.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - no, not a futuristic werewolf read. It takes place in present time. It's ghost, werewolf, alternate universe read. Sound silly saying that - but it worked. :-)

Bev(QB) said...

Ironically, I HAVE read all the previous books and they were solid. But, once she introduced this whole woo-woo parallel universe thing in the last couple of books, this series dropped off my auto-buy list.