Monday, September 15, 2008

A contest - Name That Body Part

Subtitle - I can't believe I'm doing this!!

Kate talked me into doing this!

Kate and I were emailing about the previous topic on the lack of names for the female innards and we both thought the same thing. Instead of Guess That Book, why not have a Name That Body Part contest??
I emailed her today and said I didn't think I could go through with it but she told me I had to!

The Prize?

I have another autographed copy of Dangerous Secrets By Lisa Marie Rice that she so wonderfully gave me to give away in San Francisco.

How to win?

Just come up with an interesting name, a funny name, a real purple prose name, an 'alternative' name, use it in a sentence and Kate and I will pick a winner.

And just so I don't keep horrifying myself and others, it's amazing what you can come up with by cropping in paint.

The winner will be announced next Monday

(see - I did it Kate!!)


Katiebabs said...

That's some peach pit you got there!!
My name: The Luscious and Juicy Peach Pit.
Sure, blame me...

Shannon said...

Now see, at frist I thought it was going to be a naughty looking photo of and inocent body part, like say the vocal folds or duodenum (sp?) But a peach pit? haha :)

Mel Francis said...

Split Muffin


JenB said...

Peach pit porn. Sexy. :P

Katiebabs said...

Are we all hungry? lol

Shannon said...

Ripe Womanly Love-Fruit.

OK, that just squicks me out.

CindyS said...

Stupid really but I've come up with any number of names for the damn thing. Why? Cause I try and make the hubby laugh. I also seem to make it repeat - don't know why.

Pah-tonga, tonga is one.

Sentence? Her p-tonga, tonga gave Hurricane Ike a run for it's money - wild, wet and humid.

Yeah, I wrote it.

I feel dirty but I did it.


Bridget Locke said...

LOl...EWWWWW! Sorry, that's just nasty. :P

I dunno if I can come up with anything good. I continually call them the girly parts (or bits depending) and find it quite funny when someone can come up with anything creative. Obviously, that doesn't seem to be in my repertoire. LOL!

Stacy~ said...

Oh I am so not hungry right now LOL.

Zeek said...

LMAO! I was like "what in THEE hell?"

hmmmm have to think on this ...

Rebekah said...

LMAO Now that's funny!!! ROTFL

How about the Nut Pocket? LOL (Okay, so the nuts wouldn't exactly go in there either, but it sounded funny when I said it to myself. *now she goes and hides behind the couch*)

RebekahC :P

Sandy said...

the love canal

azteclady said...




naida said...

OMG! lol.
I cant some up with any good

Anonymous said...

the love button

Zeek said...

I gotta admit- I like the nut pocket! LMAO!

Carolyn Jean said...

How about letoovie?
a.k.a. le 2 v = VV

Other names: Welldorado.
I guess actually I won't say my other. bashful.