Friday, September 19, 2008

KristieJ & Katiebabs Talk Books

One of the things Katie and I like to do is chat about books. This edition we are talking about Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs.
Grab a coffee, settle back and read our 'chat' on this one.

KristieJ : So - are you ready to do a review?

KatieBabs: which book?

KristieJ: how about Cry Wolf first since it's out now. We'll see how that goes and if we have time for the Elizabeth Hoyt book?

KatieBabs: Oh yes, Cry Wolf. That is very fresh in my head.

KristieJ: Did you read the short story Alpha and Omega in On The Prowl?

KatieBabs: Yup. I count Alpha and Omega and Cry Wolf one continuous story

KristieJ: You really do need to read A&O first don't you? Otherwise Cry Wolf just kind of seems to start in the middle - well not the middle - but you don't get a good enough sense without reading A&O I think

KatieBabs: I actually started reading Cry Wolf first and then went and read A&O. Even though you don't have to read A&O, I would still tell people to read it because you learn more about Charles and why Anna is his mate and what happened to the Chicago pack.

KristieJ: Have you read any of the Mercy books? Apparently the last one give more detail into why Charles is in Chicago, but I haven't read any of them and I don't think I missed anything. These are the first Patricia Briggs books I've read

KatieBabs: Cry Wolf is my first book by Briggs and I feel like slapping myself because she is such a good writer! I would say she is one of the best Urban Fantasy authors I have ever read

KristieJ: Yea - me too. Although from what I've heard, the Mercy books are written in the first person whereas these are written in third person. But since I've go over my first person block, I think I'll go back and start her from the first Mercy book. I've seen them on blogs for a while now and people really seem to like them

KatieBabs: Mercy is mentioned in Cry Wolf a lot because Charles brother, Samuel? is in the Mercy series.

KristieJ: Have you read many werewolf books and do you like them as a whole? I myself prefer them to vampire books

KatieBabs: I will be honest, werewolf books are not my favorite even though I was a big fan of Kelley Armstrong when she first came out. Vampire stories are my favorite. Imagine an undead Richard? *swoon*

KristieJ: I'd rather a Richard with an animal inside *g*. (can we really have a conversation without mentioning him at least once? Nah - don't think so) So what did you think of this book then?

KatieBabs: Cry Wolf was an amazing read. Even though it wasn't heavy on romance, I was hooked. This is one every Urban Fantasy fan should definitely read.

KristieJ: It wasn't heavy on the romance true, but it had enough to make me happy. I think reader of both romance and urban fantasy would like this one.

KatieBabs: I sure did, especially the way Charles was with Anna. What a hero!

KristieJ: I loved that he was so protective of Anna that he was willing to see himself hurt rather than frighten her

KatieBabs: Charles comes across as alpha, but he is not too smothering and wants Anna to heal and move on with her life, hopefully with him in it

KristieJ: And I thought it was an interesting twist that their wolf form were of each other before their human form.

KatieBabs: I also love the setting! Not too many books I have read takes place in Montana

KristieJ: It' funny because that's where the book I'm currently reading is set too. It's a werewolf book. I think when you think Montana, you think wide open spaces with lots of room to roam.

KatieBabs: Yup, mountains, woods, camping, running around furry to your heart's content

KatieBabs: They were more comfortable as wolves, than being human

KristieJ: Anna wasn't as sure of being a wolf. But then she had a very horrific introduction to the 'birth' of her wolf

KatieBabs: What happened to Anna was so horrific, especially the rape and abuse she went through

KristieJ: Which in turn made Charles so protective.

KatieBabs: I adore Charles. And I am not big on a man with long hair. lol

KristieJ: LOL - I love long hair

KatieBabs: I like short hair on a man, or maybe shoulder length but not down to his butt. Would get caught and tangled

(I think this might be a generational thing – I’m *cough* a year or two {or 20} older then Kate)

KristieJ: What did you think of the secondary characters? I thought she did an excellent job - especially Walter. My heart ached for him. And Bran - now he was an intriguing character too.

KatieBabs: Bran was me second favorite character behind Charles. Two great men! They were so protective of Anna.

KristieJ: And Anna - what did you think of her? Did you like her character?

KatieBabs: I thought the way she was written, was very realistic as a survivor of abuse, especially with her not looking at people in the face and being scared. But, she still overcame and was very strong and wanted to belong somewhere and no longer be a victim

KatieBabs: I really, really liked her. Can't wait to see what Briggs does with Anna. A lot of potential.

KristieJ: I found her a little too timid a little too long. I could see why she was - she certainly had it bad in Chicago before they rescued her, but I thought she could have trusted Charles a little sooner. But like you said - by the end of the book she really came into her own.

KatieBabs: I thought the way she was Charles was expected. It is going to take some time for her. They better have a therapist on hand. I also think Charles is afraid of hurting Anna because she is so fragile in her mind and emotions

KristieJ: I loved the way she was able to soothe Charles and the other wolves - calming them down

KatieBabs: That is a very creative quirk she has. Great idea! I wonder when Anna becomes more self assured, what she will be like

KristieJ: Pretty strong I'm thinking. I also liked the way the author described the symbiotic relationship between alpha wolves and submissive wolves - that they both needed each other and that even though a wolf was submissive, they were still just as important to the pack. A far cry from what she was led to believe in Chicago. Not that she was submissive. She was an Omega wolf

KatieBabs: Very interesting concept, like the concept of alpha and omega. Every dominant needs a submissive and so forth.

KristieJ: Do you know if she has any more books planned in this series?

KristieJ: It seems there were some characters that could get a story or two

KatieBabs: I think the next book in this series is not till 2010. So far away...

KristieJ: Ack!! That's not for 2 years

KatieBabs: I know. But perfection takes time! *snort snort*

KristieJ: Are you going to try her Mercy books? It was interesting because I had to get another copy of this book and I found it in SCI FI section of the bookstore - not the romance

KatieBabs: I would be very interested in her Mercy series. But again, it is not heavy on romance. I think Briggs could be in both sections, Sci Fi and romance

KristieJ: Has this one made you want to try more werewolf books? heh heh

KatieBabs: I am on the fence still. Perhaps if I were given more recs *hint hint* I could change my ways.

KristieJ: Well - the one I'm reading now is pretty good. I was late back from my breaks and from lunch today 'cause I didn't want to stop reading *g* I'll go through some of my better ones and see what I can suggest!

KatieBabs: what's the name of it?

KristieJ: Ghost Moon by Rebecca York. It's different - that's for sure.

KatieBabs: I have heard of York

KristieJ: So - what would you give Cry Wolf?

KatieBabs: Cry Wolf gets 4 1/2 stars

KristieJ: And I'd give Cry Wolf 4 stars. Besides menz, we both agree on this one

(Earlier in the day while planning this chat by email we both agreed Simon Baker is da’ bomb – and you know what we both think of RICHard!)

KatieBabs: I read one book by Christine Warren about werewolves in Vegas

KatieBabs: Cry Wolf is going in my top 20

KristieJ: Of the year or all time?

KatieBabs: this year

KristieJ: I'm very glad I read the wonderful review of it at DA - otherwise I would have missed a very good book!

KatieBabs: The person who got me to read it was Ciaralira. She kept raving about Cry Wolf. And Christine loves Briggs' Mercy series. So, I didn't want to be left out

KristieJ: Then we are both glad we listened to the buzz

KatieBabs: oh yes! Some great recs by our fellow bloggers lately.


Mina Wolf said...

I love when you guys do that conversation thing. Of course, I always want to jump in and say something too. I strongly suggest you read the Mercy books. I read A&O first, then read all the Mercy books. To me, they're one series. Just different paths. Mercy is an interesting character as well.

Stacy~ said...

Oh you guys give great commentary! Thanx to Kate's review at RNTV, I already picked up the antho w/ A&O and also "Cry Wolf". It's my weekend reading. I've finally dipped my toes in the urban fantasy pool.

Katie Reus said...

You guys are great! I loved Cry Wolf. I picked it up b/c of a review I read of A&O (I read it first) and had to buy CW! I now have the Mercy books but haven't gotten around to reading them...hopefully soon.

Caffey said...

I love chatting about books too, so it was so good to read this! I actually got CRY WOLF in the mail this week. I did read the ON THE PROWL anthology. I loved "Buying Trouble" by Karen Chance and hope she does more related to that story. It would be great to see more of those characters and universe/theme. I'll probably re-read Briggs story in ON THE PROWL before I start CRY WOLF. With some 'universe' or 'world's' developed for series, I need something like a dictionary and all. Does this have it? I shall check her site too. I noticed like in Gena Showalters recent series, she had the definition of the terms etc available in each print.

My hubby is a mechanic so I was introduced to Patricia Briggs from a friend who read her MOON CALL and sent to me and its really how I got into the Urban Fantasy genres! Most Urban Fantasy I read tend to have the romance 'grow' over the books. So I usually expect that (but too I loved HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE by Jeanine Frost which had a sizzling romance in the book and I believe it was with the romance books but its a Urban Fantasy too! Reminds me to read book two. Love Bones (Hero).

Which Elizabeth Hoyt book you plan to chat about? I haven't gotten her recent series yet, but loved the first two books in her debut trilogy and shall pull out THE SERPENT PRINCE. So you got me to pull out two of my books so far today! LOL. Great post! (Sorry on my long post!)

Bridget Locke said...

I definitely recommend the Mercy Books. Some of the best UF I've ever read...and I read a LOT! :)

I'm brainfarting on who to recommend. Still have a lot going on in my neck of the woods. Ack!

Get to meet Ciara tonight. Very excited. :)

wonderings said...

I'm becoming ever-more smitten with Patricia Briggs' writing and characters. Love her. I liked A&O lots but found it harder to get through Cry Wolf - the plot lost momentum part way through. The Mercy books are fab!! (I cannot *wait* for February and Book 4.)

The first romance I read with a werewolf was 'Waiting for the Wolf Moon' by Evelyn Vaughn, part of the Silhouette Shadows line. That was 1992. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series is one of my favorite urban fantasy series.

A couple of other wolf/shifter series I love are:
Carrie Vaughn's Kitty Norville series. Kitty and the Midnight Hour is the first book.
Eileen Wilks World of the Lupi series. Tempting Danger is the first one.
Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series, starting with Magic Bites.

Of course Kelley Armstrong is always at the top of my list, right next to Patricia Briggs!

Great post!

Kailana said...

I love the Mercy books! I buy them as soon as they come out, so I am quite impatient for next year! I have this book but I STILL haven't read it! I really need to get around to it, maybe after I finish the book I am reading!

LesleyW said...

Glad you guys enjoyed CW.

It definitely makes my top 10 of the year. Though I didn't realize there was such a long wait for the next book. :(

Katiebabs said...

I have to really thank everyone that recommended Briggs and Cry Wolf. I have found a new awesome author to read!
The Hoyt book Kristie and I have planned to discuss is To Seduce a Sinner, which was so much better than her last! :P

Devon said...

I really want to read this. Good to know that it's important to read the short stort first.

Kristie (J) said...

Mina!!! It's 'good' to see you again. I will be trying the Mercy books since I liked Cry Wolf so much

Stacy: to be honest it's not a genre I thought I would like - but happily I was wrong. I've been quite impressed with the books I've read in the Urban Fantasy genre

Katie Reus: They both are very good aren't they? Isn't it nice when you see a book recommended, read it and really enjoy it?

Caffey: There isn't a dictionary, and I kind of jumped into the middle of this world, but I didn't feel the lack. I had no problem understanding the world Ms. Briggs has created.

Bridget: I read about your meeting with Ciara and sounds like you had a great time!! And I am liking this Urban Fantasy thing *g*

Wonderings: it did wane a little bit in the middle. That's one of the reasons I gave it a 4 instead of a higher grade. But still I was quite impressed with it and look forward to reading more by this author.
And thank you for stopping by!!! I love seeing new-to-me bloggers.

Renee: As I like werewolf books better than Katie *g*, I've read a few Eileen Wilkes (with more in the TBR pile) and liked them. And I'm afraid I've only read Bitten so far - and I feel bad about that because Kelly Armstrong is a local author for me. Thanks for the recs on Ilona Andrews and Carrie Vaughn. I will keep my out for them *g* . And you too - glad you stopped by.

Kailana: Yes *laughing* you DO need to read these two. As you can tell, both Katie and I were glad we read them.

LesleyW: I didn't realize there was such a long wait for the next one until Katie told me *sigh* I suppose there might be a book or two I can read in the meantime to tide me over.

Katie: yep! Me too! Glad that there were so many who recommended these books too and got me curious to try them.

Devon: You could probably read just Cry Wolf and 'get' it. But it is much better if you read Alpha & Omega first because then you get more of a sense of the horrors that Anna went through.

Ciara said...

I love Patricia Briggs. Her heroines are strong without being bitchy. (this is a feat I find rare in Urban Fantasy) Both Mercy and Anna experience the worst thing that can happen to a woman and they survive. Their stories are inspiring and moving. Patty's heroes are no small potatoes either. Adam or Charles? ooooo! How can one choose between them? I think today I'm feeling more charles....but.....geez. They are both everything one could want in a hero.

I second the TEMPTING DANGER by Eileen Wilks recommendation. Her werewolf hero is nummy.