Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Girls Are Back!

Yep - we did indeed go see Sex and the City - the movie! Now like millions of others, sister Lisa and I were fans of the show. We would get together at her place Saturday night while Saturday night after Saturday night Ron would watch the Leafs. He was glad of this since he said I didn't cheer for them enough so I brought bad luck, and I was glad of this because I didn't cheer for them enough so I brought them bad luck *snort*. No - what it really was that instead of watching a really sad hockey team blow game after game, sister Lisa and I would watch good movies. And then after the movie, we would stay tuned and watch Sex and the City. As we were standing in line tonight, alas, Lisa showed her age (it was her birthday this past week) and asked if I ever watched the show. After giving her a rather odd look, I said 'yeah - at your place. Remember?'
I cheered in the final episode when Big showed up in Paris and finally declared his love even though I always liked Aiden better. But Big was who Carrie wanted all along and it was Big she got in the end.
So it was with great anticipation that I've been waiting for the movie. Because it was sister Lisa's birthday she got to pick the movie tonight and I was kind of worried that she would pick the Indiana Jones movie that so many have been meh about.
But luckily she picked Sex and the City.
I'm not going to say much because I expect many will be seeing this one and I don't want to spoil it for anyone by answering the question - Do Big and Carrie tie the knot?
Instead I'll just say that Carrie is still Carrie, Miranda is still Miranda, Charlotte is still Charlotte and Samantha ? - well she finally becomes Samantha again.

My verdict on this one? I wish we still had the television show, but if we only have the movie - the movie gets.......

A nice big Thumbs Up!

And yes, they wear Great Clothes and Shoes that I envy (even though I'd never wear them).

And Smith is Just As Hot!

Oh - and one more thing I can't believe I forgot to mention. Almost full frontal male nudity in one scene - and nope - not giving details.


little alys said...

You know, I was going to go see this last night, but horrid crap happened and I got cancelled on so now I don't even want to watch it anymore...along with a very crappy two weeks. Need new job. Need own place. Maybe need a new friend.

The frontal part *winkwink* is rather interesting...hehehe

Karen Scott said...

Oh, I've been to see this twice, once on Friday with some great girly clients, and then yesterday, with my great girly friends.

The best actress moment? Charlotte, in that scene with Mr Big and Carrie.

I totally loved this movie, and the clothes were amazing.

Sarah said...

You're the first one to mention the answer to the question that has been buzzing around in my mind. WHAT ABOUT SMITH? Damn he was hot. Can't wait to see it.

Dev said...

I'm doing a BIG girls night with some friends of mine ~ I think next weekend. But, I'm so, so, so tempted to go watch it before then. I cannot wait to watch this.

Katie(babs) said...

There were so many great parts in the movie and I so want to talk about that, but don't want to give anything away!
I want with my sister and my two friends last night and we talked about every episode we could think of!!
As for Chris Noth as BIG... I find him to be one sexy mo fo!!
And I was so happy that two peope got together that I was hoping would after 10 years! And no I am not talking about BIG and Carrie. *

Marianne McA said...

Yes, Charlotte was fabulous.

Have to say, I agree I preferred Aiden to Big - practically anyone to Big - and - are we allowed to do spoilers? (I'll spell backwards, make it impossible to read accidentally, or while under the affluence of incohol.)

Spoiler: I saw gnitiaw rof eht evol rettel, dna ti saw gniog ot eb lufituaeb, dna tleftraeh, dna no laer, evisnepxe repap - dna neht eh tnes reh esoht ykcat sliam-e. hgU. deipoC morf rehto elpoep. tsoM citnamornu. woH tew si eh? nediA dlouw evah tliub reh a ebordraw, dna tnes srettel!

But, that aside, it was great fun, and very true to the series.

Mollie said...

I loved it! So fun to see our favorite ladies again!!!!!

Julia said...

I LOVE the movie, and thought it was true to the show. There were so many good moments in the movie that I either just laugh, feel sad, happy cried and yet at same time had fun. I felt like they were part of my family, as I felt their emotion through out the movie. Especially the moment with Charlotte.

I saw the movie with my niece, and I think everyone should go see it too!

Great review on the movie Kristie J !