Monday, May 19, 2008

Hard DIK Round 7 Is Up!

Our final round of our Desert Island Heroes is up over at Sula's Space. There is bound to be some more wacky fun going on! By this time I should find a rehab center in the island by the amount of virtual booze I have consumed. And maybe a sex addicts group also. Sigh.

But this time Sula shook up the way we have done things in the past and put our names into the randomizer (sounds like an awesome vibrator). Kristie (J) is 18th and I am last to pick! The best was saved for last.

But fellow DIK fans, I have no clue who to pick! Which hero is worthy enough to by my final man welcomed into my hut for major boozing and sexin? I am giving a call out for you to help me decide who should be the final slave... er hero hottie.
Katiebabs (KB) HELP! :D


MaryKate said...

I think Little Alys posted a list of who we were missing in the thread at...wherever we were last (sheesh, I can't remember).

I totally thought I had my hero that I was gonna pick, and then, well, I may have changed my mind. Dammit! This has been a total mind suck for me for like two weeks now. I've gotta actually do some work at some point.

Tracy said...

With all the books you read surely you can come up with some rum drinkin, hot male who loves sexin! You can do it KB!

Tracy said...

I sent you a list on myspace!

Christine said...

Your guess is as good as mine, Kate. I'm struggling for my last pick myself. lol

Rowena said...

Wow, it's up to Round 7 already...where the heck have I been?