Monday, May 26, 2008

How My Weekend Started...

My weekend was an interesting one, or rather the start of it. I have off today, Monday, because in the US it is a national holiday. Today is Memorial Day and always the start of the summer season for some. And you can believe I slept almost 10 hours when I woke up this morning *G*.

But my weekend was a bit wacky and a little WTF? **I love the phrase WTF and I think I will use it all the time now**

Saturday was an interesting one. I was insulted when I went food shopping for some munchies I would bring to a BBQ I was invited to. As I was in the bakery section looking for some cupcakes and what not one of the bakery people came up to me and asked:

"Are you pregnant?"


You can just imagine my shock and horror. As I walked away trying not to go postal or break down in tears, I paid for my purchases and went home. That question kept repeating over and over in my mind. I haven't gained any weight and as I looked down at my stomach, I saw no new protruding fat rolling over my pants. Plus, I just had finished a 2 hour work out session.

I wanted sympathy and went to my mother and told her what happened. She gasped and said the woman was off her bird. (by the way I never understood what "Off their bird" means)
And she continues to say:

"There is no way you can be pregnant because you still have nips (meaning my boobs). And if you were pregnant you would be able to fit into a B cup again."


Any interesting weekend stories that compares to mine?

Katiebabs (KB)


Anonymous said...

I am the one who asked you that. So sue me!

I was consumed by rage at the stunning beauty of your red hair - why can't I have red hair that beautiful? And you with your beautiful hair, the way you walked around with your basket of munchies, like you had somewhere fine to go, probably a fun personality.

I found myself eyeing the nearby loaf-cutting knives, but we have worked long and hard on impulse control, and so I tried to think of a non-lethal way to lash out at YOU with your beautiful life and hair and friends, in in your beautiful outfit...

It's not fair that you should have all the beauty in the world!!!!!!!

and so I put on my sweet mask and asked you if you are pregnant. Oh, how upset you were! LOLOLOL

I ran back into the cooler and laughed my head off!!

Carolyn Jean said...

Anonymous, You should really try and think of other people's feelings more.

Anonymous said...

I know! I feel really bad now.

Carolyn Jean said...

Maybe you should apologize.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?

Carolyn Jean said...

Now doesn't that feel better?

Anonymous said...


Angel Michael, leader of the Guardians said...

Dear KB,
I have finally escaped from Carolyn Jean's hut. I was going to swoop down and take you to Caelum for some TLC, but I think anonymous needs it more. I think her mind needs to be soothed by certain balms we have there. So, that's my new plan. I'm sorry. Maybe next time.

azteclady said...

You know, I'm sure that if you weren't the nice person you are, katie(babs), you could have asked the *ahem*impertinentasshat*ahem* nitwit in question something insulting about his/her own appearance.

As for your mother's comment... I've given up, myself, on trying to understand how my own mother sees me. I mean, I'm 42, and I still get the "you are not going out like that, are you?" horrified questions every time she visits...

Roarke said...

This whole thing sickens me, but I understand it, KB, because you are a lovely creature and so amazingly hot and naturally women will be jealous of you, but you need to ignore them.

On an unrelated note, I'm glad that cad Michael chose to do the upstanding and wholesome thing and whisk away an obviously insane and tormented woman, because that means you're still free. I, too, have escaped from a terrible hut on some island, and I plan to whisk you away somewhere myself, and I assure you that my intentions toward you are neither upstanding nor wholesome.

MaryKate said...

*MK shows up*

Roarke!!! Who let you out of the hut??? Getcher ass back in there.

KB, asshat at the grocery store WISHES they had all your mojo. And of course you needed sustenance after the sweat...ehem..."workout session" (is that what we're calling it now?!)you had with Rhev.

*MK leaves, dragging Roarke with her*

Rosie said...

I'll never understand what makes a complete stranger believe you want their opinion. I'm guessing here,but I'm thinking they saw the snacks and figured you must have cravings and be pregnant because you were too fit and healthy looking to be buying the snacks otherwise.

What a putz...whoever they are.

Katie(babs) said...

Awww the love of my menz who should have been in my hut :D
What can I say anon? My flaming red hair and my stomach of flab and child bearing hips are the things of dreams!!

In other great news I went to the mall and tried on a pair of pants in what I thought was my size and they didn't fit because THEY WERE TOO BIG!!!!
Take that bakery lady freak with no finesse!

lisabea said...

Some people are socially retarded, kb.

am I in a mood?

Drink more beer. We should all meet on line tonight and drink a brew.

Kristie (J) said...

I went grocery shopping a while ago in the store I used to work at before it closed down, everyone was laid off and it reopened with all new staff.
I was in their shopping when the new cashier(who used to be a regular customer) was ringing through my purchases said "Woah, you've really gotten a lot bigger haven't you?
Later of course I thought of all the things I SHOULD have said like
Maybe, but YOU'VE gotten a lot nastier haven't you - with many versions of that kind of thing.
Anyway - it's nice that your men's have shown up to offer you their support. Nice men's they are!!

Shannon said...

Some people should not be allowed out in public. I swear I have jr high students with more tact. Gah!!!

So, my story is this: I have scoliosis. Your spine does not just curve, it rotates. This can cause your ribcage to shift and be more pronounced on one side (basically it sticks out.) I used to be VERY self-concious of this. I would wear baggy clothes and such. One day I was working at my part-time HS job (at a bookstore, of course!) when I bent over to pick something up. A co-worker said "OMG! What's wrong with your back?" I was 16 years old and wanted to just sink into the floor. These days I wear what I want and tactless jerk get to experience the abrasive side of my personality. :)

lisabea said...

On the flip side, my first words to Suze Brockmann were, "God, you're tall..."( kill me)

Christine said...

As someone who saw you as recently as last weekend, you DO NOT LOOK THE LEAST BIT PREGNANT! OMG What a freakazoid!

Pfft! And what's up with Mom? Your boobs are just right. Not that I was looking at them. Well, not much, anyway. ;)

little alys said...

WHAT?!?!!! That is crazy! Although probably not as often as Christine, I just saw you and I can totally say you do not deserve that statement!

Similar to Shannon, I have a childhood injury (that I do not even remember) where now my jaw is shifted to one side (my old ortho doc said to look good even with braces, I had to get plastic surgery where they shave off part of my jaw bone...yeah, I said hell no and now live happily with less than perfect teeth ^_~). I've had people asking what I was eating, told me to quit making funny faces, and even try to straighten my jaw. Very bad times, I'm better to speak ^_~.
As for weekend story, nothing except job hunting and movie watching and book reading. My life, I like to say, is a happy bore. Woo, got a haircut and some said I was 18. Don't know if that's good or bad. ~_~ I really don't want to date any more closet pervs into young (emphasis on the young) girls.

Tracy said...

WTF?? Some people are complete idiots and need a good taking down. I'm thinking between the DIK men and the women who love them we can go give her some serious shit (or chocolate assholes, whichever). You're beautiful inside and out and you do NOT look preggo. Now let's go beat her with empty rum bottles.

And KB Mom - KB's boobs are fine. I saw them when she was grabbing Batmans' balls.


CindyS said...

What were you wearing? I don't know about you guys but empire waist shirts (which are all the rage) can make the skinniest woman look pregnant. Since I know the skinniest woman (so not me) - she was showing me a picture of herself and because of the top she was wearing she looked pregnant!

I was asked at the Christmas party this year if I was pregnant. Since I'm not a small woman anyways I get it but I think the fact that I was wearing a top with the empire waist just made it look like I might be pregnant.

Poor hubby story - on the first day at a new job he was being introduced around and in one office room there were about 4 woman. There were two Carolyns in the room and some one said off hand, oh and Carolyn is pregnant. Bob then turned to the wrong Carolyn and congratulated her. Yep. Bob wanted to fall through the floor.

Also we have a family friend who I swear has no internal filter. What he thinks comes right out his mouth and sure enough the last time he saw me he said 'you've put on quite a lot of weight since the last time I saw you'. I just laughed because hey, it's true and I know he's not saying it to be mean. He's just stating a fact without understanding how it affects someone.

I won't even start about mothers ;)


kmont said...

If any iota of pregnancy musings enter some people's minds, social retardation is suddenly played out on a public front. I mean, if someone is really truly preggers, her body often becomes public property. People want to touch the belly, pat the belly, rub the belly, do puppet shows for the belly...all up in your pregnant space.

But yeah, the Q of, "Is that lady preggers?" should NEVER pop out of their mouth! Especially, most dire-hard especially if it's a stranger in public.

Aside from that, it sounds like you're doing fab in the weight department. Wish I had A-cup bazoombas again! Cuz it'd mean I probably had at least a size ten ass to go with it too, which I so do not.

I don't think my weekend home travesty can top your grocery store pregger one, but we did have to rip up the kitchen floor due to a water leak. Goodbye ugly wood parquet, hello ceramic tile. We're running low on food and I'm not going to the store till that fridge is back in the kitchen (and I've bought a girdle to hold in my non-pregnant stomach, lest anyone molest me emotionally about pregnancy crap).

jennybrat said...
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jennybrat said...

Hugs, I know exactly how you feel!Someone asked me the same thing when I was wearing a top that puffs out slightly near the waist. No, I'm NOT pregnant!