Saturday, May 31, 2008

Etc. Sometimes it's too damn easy to spend that dough!

Sometimes it's almost too easy! I headed out early today to Walmart. You see it was (sister) Lisa's Birthday earlier this week and being a fantastic procrastinator, I had not gotten her gift yet.

Oh and by the way - the movie she chose - Sex and the City. Yes!

Anyway, so I needed to get her her gift. As well, I still needed a few odds and ends for the kitchen. Yes - the table and chairs came in earlier this week. Pictures to come Very Soon.

Naturally I got carried away.

Then I need to get a new lawnmower. You see Ryan borrowed it and it didn't seem to work for him. It is an old one and past it's time. I got the lightest one I could find because I DO NOT like cutting the grass. This picture of the smiling woman is NOT me!

While I was there, I decided to get a couple of hanging flower baskets. Ron was the gardener in the family since a gardener I am not, and these are the first ones I've bought in quite some time!

So between the Walmart and Canadian Tire purchases, I was already down quite a bit. But Then - I needed gas.

I think this says is all!!


Tracy said...

You sound like me when I hit Target! lol

CindyS said...

Too funny!


nath said...

and too hard to make it!! I completely agree with you! how much is gas over in Ontario? Last week, at its highest, it was 149.9... ugh.

lisabea said...

I filled the beast today. 80 bucks. I almost wet my pants.

Anonymous said...

But have you bid on anything at the Brenda Novak auction yet? It's over in half an hour, and I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF. I WANT.

and diesel is $5.00 a gallon. Who ever convinced me to use biodiesel??? You'd think the price of soybeans would not fluctuate with the price of oil, but no. Damn it!

little alys said...

Ahahahaha, too funny, Kristie! Especially that last part! I've decided to stop going out. Except the internet is here...and you're all tempting me with books (^_~)! I poke a joke. >_<