Monday, May 12, 2008

Round 4 of DIK Heroes

Round 4 starts today in our DIK heroes picks. Head on over to Mary Kate's Adventures in Kaitdom blog to see the wackiness that ensues.

What more could you want when you have some great DIK and more men than you can count? *G*

**must keep my eye on Lisabea and Mary Kate as the like to steal my men**
Katiebabs (KB)


MaryKate said...


I already know who I'm picking Miss Katie, and he isn't even on YOUR list. Now, someone else's? I'm not so sure.


Shannon said...

oh honey, we have more DIK than you could shake a stick at. mmmmm, yes! I can't wait to see who everyone will choose.

Katie(babs) said...

DIK and sticks!! :D

Christine said...

Oh Kate, that island picture is perfect for this cold, rainy, (crampy) Monday. I REALLY REALLY just want to jump into that picture.

little alys said...

My day was going rather poorly until I saw this. *content sigh* If only every Monday could start like this. ^_^

Katie(babs) said...

Every day should be DIK fun :D