Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Art of Desire Review

Did you know that Cherie Feather is also Harlequin author, Sheri White Feather? I had no idea until I did a little research since I would be reading The Art of Desire. I must admit I have never read Sheri’s past books and I believe her June release under her Cherie Feather name will be a departure for her since this is an erotic read. I also think the cover is very sexy yet subtle, which is very nice. No half headed abs of steel men here!

If you like your stories hot and titillating with great romance and an equal amount of tension and drama, The Art of Desire is the book for you. Cherie has written quite an interesting book that interlaces both past and present. Some authors have done this in the past with less than successful results. But Cherie gives equal amount of time for each story. One is during 1895 and the other during the present day. But regardless of the time period, these two sets of couples can sure act on their desires for one another. The historical romance is more traditional with some nice passionate love scenes. The present day one is oh, so naughty. Between the two there is some creative language and terms used that may make you blush.

Our present day heroine, Mandy, is the prim and proper museum director of the Santa Fe Women’s Art Museum. But Mandy hides a secret. She likes rough, dirty sex and the only man for the job is her dirty boy, Jared Cabrillo. Jared is what we would call a player or in other romance terms, “The Duke of Slut”. This sex fiend is the great-great nephew of Atacar, an Indian outlaw who had an affair with a nineteenth-century artist, Catherine Burke. Catherine came from England and landed in Texas where she met Atacar, he popped her cherry and more so, and in return she painted his portrait. Unfortunately no one knows how their affair ended or what happened to the two. There are rumors that Catherine had a diary and Mandy wants it. But Jared is there to keep her mind fuzzy from all the hot and sweaty sex they engage in. Jared has the diary but doesn’t want Mandy to know.

Jared enjoys women, remember he is- The Duke of Slut, but there is something about Mandy, who makes him feel all tingly inside. They begin to have a bond because Mandy allows him free reign over her body and again the key word is “dirty”. Not dirty in the sense that they roll around in the mud, but where Mandy is more open to try new things in the bedroom.

As Jared and Mandy get their love fest on, in turn we see how Catherine and Atacar started theirs, which is more sweet but just as sexy. Their love is more tragic where as Jared and Mandy have a chance for happiness that rivals their older counterparts, but Jared has some issues like most men do in this sort of tale. Jared likes to suffer.

What I really enjoyed about The Art of Desire is that the overall tone is very erotic, but it doesn’t venture in such taboo ways that some erotica will try. Cherie Feather sure knows how to write some sexy love scenes and her storytelling skills really did impress me. Hopefully this will not be the only erotic romance she writes because she has grabbed my attention and I would definitely check out her next book.

Overall 3.5 stars out of 5

Katiebabs (KB)


little alys said...

Great review Katiebabs! I had no idea they were the same writer and I read quite a few Sheri White Feather's books (I think she had a lot in Harlequin's Desire line). Although I like the author's stuff, do you feel this is a library reader or a purchase and keeper?

Kristie (J) said...

Hmmm - I've always wanted to try her books but I don't buy a lot of Harlequins these days - except for the Harlequin Historicals. I'll have to keep my eye open for this one.

Brie said...

I pick this book up every time I go to the bookstore, but I never end up getting it. I would like to know as well if you feel this is a keeper or not.

Thanks for the review!

Melissa said...

I coulnd't take my hands off of Take Me There and now I can't wait to put my hands on more just like it. Thanks for the great review, I am excited to check this book out. I'll look forward to more from your blog.

Sheri WhiteFeather said...

Hi Everyone!
It's the author here. Lol.

Kate--Thank you for the review.

Little Alys-- Yep, I wrote a lot of books in the Desire line. I write for Silhouette Romantic Suspense now.

Kristie--Thanks for saying you'll keep your eye out for it.

Brie--I don't think this is the book you've been picking up at the store. THE ART OF DESIRE doesn't come out until June. Maybe there's a book with a similar cover?

As for my take on the story, I always wanted to write erotica, and I loved creating the historical twist. I think it's some of my best work, if you like really, really hot books.

So far the reviews have been very favorable. It received a Top Pick from Romantic Times and everyone has seemed to like it, too. :)

Sheri WhiteFeather said...

I just saw your post. Thanks for your interest in my work. Kate emailed me to let me know she reviewed this book, so I decided to stop by, too. :)

KT Grant said...

If you are fans of erotica and steamy romance I would say this is one for your book shelf. There is also a bit of a mystery and Art of Desire has a good plot, not just a story with sex and that's all. I would definitely pick up Cherie's next release after reading this one :D

Brie said...

Okay I feel crazy now because I know I've read something about these characters and this plot. I must be losing it.

Oh, I got it! I've read an excerpt for this book somewhere in blog land.

The book I keep picking up has a similar vibe: Two women in two different time periods dealing with the men in their lives. Whew, glad I figured that one out.

KT Grant said...

Brie: I was really surprised by how well done the balance between past and present was done and the sex was smoking hot :D

Anonymous said...

Great review!

MUST read book for anyone who loves erotic romance or wants to try it. And there is a GREAT western romance in here. Kristie J you should try it ;).

It is already out? I HATE bookstores doing that. It is a June book, hell even amazon has it as a preorder. le sigh...

Guess I should have put up the excerpts yesterday. Off to look at the calendar.

KT Grant said...

Sybil: I was able to score an early copy. :D And I am with you, Kristie won't be disappointed by the Western type romance between Catherine and her sexy Indian lover.