Monday, May 05, 2008

Desert Island Heroes Draft Picks!

We all enjoyed picking our DIK books and now we have something better even planned! This is the time to pick your favorite men/heroes from your favorite books. These men will keep you warm late at night under your man made tent as you wait to be rescued.

Carol Jean of The Trillionth Page has the rules set up for this latest adventure!

Personally, I wouldn't want to be rescued. *G*

Katiebabs (KB)
**UPDATE: As of 6pm EST these are some participants in our DIK heroes:
.1. Tracy
2. Thea
3. Sula
4. Shannon
5. Sarai
6. Sarah
7. Samantha Kane
8. Naida
9. MaryKate
10. LesleyW
11. Lisabea
12. KristieJ
13. Katie(babs)
14. JenB
15. Ciaralira
16. Christine1
7. Carolyn Jean
18. Ana
19. Ally Blue
Anyone can join in,from male, female, lesser (still channeling from my LE review). Go to The Thrillionth Page to join in the fun! *G*
Poor me, unlucky 13. :(


ag said...

Ok, I figured that it's better late than never, so I've chosen to get myself stranded with you bunch of fun loving ladies too.

Bridget Locke said...

I'm on there too! I'm very, very late to the game, but I get to choose first in round 2! Yay! *happy dance*

Katie(babs) said...

Hey AG and Bridget!
Welcome to the island of mass quantities of books and soon to be men. :D

Carolyn Jean said...

Hey KB:
There has been a moratorium placed on new island dwellers picking heroes.