Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's all that Cindy's fault

Yep - Cindy just had to go and mention that Chapters had all books on for 20% off this weekend. I wasn't even dressed yet when I read that - but didn't take me long to get dressed. And I just have to live less than 3 minutes away from Chapters!

So this self-proclaimed book addict is now the proud owner of yet more books.

First off - Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson. Now I don't like all her books - but the ones I do like, I really like. I'm hoping that's the case with this one

Next we have Moonstruck by Susan Grant. I own all her books so far and while I'm a little bit behind on her last two - I have to keep the streak going - don't I?

Then we have The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn. I know, I know I said I would never buy another book with the word Duke in the title. But I used to love Julia Quinn and now that she is finished the way-to-long Bridgerton series, I wanted to try her again and this one is getting good reviews

And next, Dark and Dangerous by Jeanne Adams, because I like trying new authors and the price was right, I picked this one up

And then Dark Obsession by Allison Chase made it's way into my hands mostly because of the same reasons as above and it sounds like a Gothic and it's been a while since I've read one of them.

I had to get The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter since I bought the first one in the new series,

Again the price was too hard to resist so I picked up Lord Scandal by Kalen Hughes. And someone somewhere read it and blogged about it.

I got The Healer by Sharon Sala because I've really enjoyed her books in the past. And she did refuse to wear the horse/unicorn costume. One has to admire her for that.

Now what I didn't mention earlier was that yesterday I bought one book. So I have to include it since it's still the weekend.
An Impetuous Abduction by Patricia Rowell is now in The Pile.

Now what makes this whole thing really insane and clearly I can't even find the justification for today's madness except I'm a total addict is I got some books from Katie this past week, including:

Letters to a Secret Lover by Toni Blake

Night Keepers by Jessica Andersen

So - there you have it. A glimpse into the week of a book addict~


I did not notice this when I bought the books - 20% off was all I heard, but when I was just cataloging them just now I noticed something I hadn't seen before.




Dev said...

Ha ha. I went on a book binge too. Except I'm not in Canada. And it wasn't at Chapters.

But, I'm saying it's all that Cindy's fault, too :-)

Jill Monroe said...

I still maintain Sharon would have looked great in that horse costume!

Kerry said...

What a lovely haul of books. Enjoy them.

Tracy said...

You got some good ones Kristie! And some I've never heard of! :) Can hardly wait to hear what you have to say about them!

Kristie (J) said...

Dev: The funny thing was I left the list I made in the house and when I got home and looked at it, I'd forgotten one. I had to do some stern talking to myself not to head right back to Chapters again!

Jill: Hello! and welcome!! It is a beautiful horse/unicorn costume and I'm sure it would have looked great with your hunter costume. But still she held out against Gena - gotta admire that. And *gulp* at the risk of raising your ire, one of my all time top books is a Dinah McCall book. I lurve Jackson Rule.

Kerry: hey to you too! It is a lovely haul isn't it. And one of the fun things to do is to pick them up, look at them, caress and hold and squeeze them

Tracy: I haven't heard of some of the authors either. One of the joys of this addiction is finding new authors.

Katie(babs) said...

If I wear the horse costume do I get a prize?

azteclady said...

I so want NightKeepers...

and of course a few others in your book bag, Kristie


Me, envying you over here.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, ladies.

Mary M. said...

Crap. Chapters was 20% off ??? **sobs** I can't believe I missed that! On the other hand, they sent me a 4-for-the-price-of-3 coupon appliable in June, which might be better for me since it's going to allow me to buy books with a rebate yet stop me from falling into complete buying frenzy (which is what happens when you combine me + bookstore + money to spend).

Good purchases. I hope you have a great time reading them all! :)

Bridget Locke said...

Kristie-First of all, I saw your comment. Don't feel bad that you like the book & I don't. It happens all the time. :)

And as for the Julia Quinn book? Well, I gave it an A on my review. It was lovely. :)

And I just read the entire Bridgerton series (yes, in 2 days) and they were wonderful. How could I not have read her before?!?! I'm glad I started though. I love her writing style. :)

nath said...

Hi Kristie!!

Great book haul! LOL, I look at your list and I was like: I own half of the books she bought already... and most of them, I didn't buy during this week-end! I hope you enjoy them...

What book did you miss? I couldn't get my hand on the new Patti O'shea... so frustrated.

There's a 4 for 3 starting from June 13, just so you know :D

and yeah, prices are definitively going down which is great :D Mira/HQN books are now the same price US and CDN and most of the other publisher, there's only a dollar difference. I'm really happy about it... and it seems they are adjusting prices on older books as well. I bought When He was Wicked on Friday and on the cover, it says 10.99, but I was charged 8.99$ :)

ReneeW said...

Ya, Cindy can be a bad influence :). I wish I coulda been there too. That authortalk with Jill and Sharon was a hoot, wasn't it?!!

Kristie (J) said...

AL - I picked up some good ones didn't I - heh heh

MaryM: I only found out at the last moment when I read it on Cindy's blog. And it wasn't advertised in the store either which was rather surprising. I had to ask an employee if it was true - when I already had five in my hand - hoping it was 'cause I REALLY wanted them.

Bridget: You really should try some of her older ones too (Quinn that is). I really enjoyed them.

Nath: LOL - the Patti O'Shea was one of the ones I planned to get. According to the site, they had 4 in stock but they weren't on the shelves. The one I was thinking of going back and getting was the latest Jane Graves book. But if they are having a buy 3 get 1 free, I already have 2!!! I'm sure it won't be to hard to find 2 more *g*

Renee: I loved that Author Talk - I love all of them. And what's rather funny - because of Cindy, I have a boat load more books - and poor Cindy is in a major slump.