Thursday, May 08, 2008

Round Three has started!

Round I was held over at Carolyn Jean's.

Round II was held at Sarai's

Round III at LisaBea's

Rounds for what you are asking in case you have missed the excitement?

Well rounds for our favourite heroes of course!.

There are football drafts.

There are hockey drafts.

We are having a hero draft! It's sporting good fun!!


azteclady said...

My head, it whirls!

Too many names, too many books, too many choices.

*sitting by the sidelines, still taking notes*

Carolyn Jean said...

I need a lobotomy.

MaryKate said...

For suggesting this, CJ? Naw, you're brilliant. And man, I've been taking notes like crazy! There's a shit-ton of books I've never read. And so far, I haven't had anyone swipe one of my heroes out from under my nose. Although I've been accused of stealing by...well...someone. The shameless hussy.

Katie(babs) said...

Lisabea is a nasty wench stealing my Michael!!
No roasted pig for her!

Hey AL! Wondered where you were! What heroes would you bring with you?

MK, do we feel guilty? *bats eyelashed*

CJ: Just drink some rum.

MaryKate said...

KB: No. We feel deeply satisfied by our men.


little alys said...

This is getting so crazy (in a good way of course). So many new books I can look into, hehehe. >_<

My poor wallet...though...

ciara said...

I've decided, after reading Dear Author, that we need a weremoose on the island. And maybe a carebear.

And maybe the path to publishing isn't so difficult after all?

Lisabea is a nasty wench stealing my Colin! Perhaps someone should just bring MJB herself to the island and put her to work creating more delicious heroes for our parrrr-tay. ;)

Katie(babs) said...

Ciara: I want a pet Weremoose and a brownie :D

Tracy said...

Hey Katie - I LOOOOOVED your comment on myspace this AM. OMG I was laughing so hard. Thanks for stealing Bones for me - I missed him!