Monday, November 05, 2007

Two Paranormal and Fantasy Authors You Should Read

I have noticed something interesting about the newest releases for November. There seems to be quite a few paranormal and fantasy romances on the market, perhaps now more than ever. Everyone has been talking and raving lately about Kresley Cole and Kathryn Smith's newest paranormals, which I also want to read, but there are two other authors I would recommend also this month that fall under great Paranormal and Fantasy reads.

CL Wilson's sequel to Lord of the Fading Lands is a MUST. I was very lucky enough to read her first book in this new fantasy series to back in September for review and the same went for Lady of Light and Shadows a month later. I honestly can say the Wilson is a true star in the Fantasy genre. She is the author to watch for 2008. As Christine Feehan's former critque partrner, Wilson has a wonderful and imaginative voice. She has come up with a wonderful world of mystical creatures and an incredible love story that should not be missed. I whole heartily recommend you first read Lord of the Fading Lands and then Lady of Light and Shadows. I already have "pimped" these two books out to anyone who loves to read in general. Plus CL Wilson's website has a ton of praise from authors and other reviewers from all over the web. You may also see a familar name there praising these two books **cough cough**. And she is busy at work writing the third and fourth book in this on-going series. YIPPY!

Another author I found out because of a review I had to do was the funny, so much so my stomach hurt Immortal Sexy Series by Stephanie Rowe. Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy is the fourth in this series about the afterlife, Heaven and most importantly Satan and his minions in Hell. Actually evil was never so fun to read! Satan is a hoot. Rowe made me love Satan. Satan is portayed as a sex maniac who only cares about getting laid all the time, and of course torturing others. Even though each one of Rowe's Immortal books have a hero and a heroine, Satan is the star of all these books. After reading Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy, I had to go back and read her whole backlist. And let me tell, you this whole series should be on your keeper shelf. They are funny, sexy and cute reads! Death and mayhem reign supreme with immortal dragons, the goblet of eternal youth who likes to be tupperware and Satan's minions who want to find love and stay out of Hell. Plus Satan is depressed because the love of his life won't be with him to enjoy his manly parts and love. And he melts whenever sprayed with water.

And from what I hear, the paranormal and fantasy romance genre will be stronger than ever. And I am not just talking about vampires and immortal guardians. Apprantly publishers are looking for authors who can come up with "out of the box" paranormals that are sexy and either funny and deep and dark. It seems CL Wilson and Stephanie Rowe are on the right track. I for one have been enjoying these types of books much more lately and I can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for ghouls, goblins and because I am still addicted to them, those dead sexy men called vampires.
And don't forget a certain author's book that comes out in February about Angels and Demons! (I know for a fact it will be one of the best reads next year and will blow all other books out of the water. Can you guess who?)



Kristie (J) said...

I have the first CL Wilson book - Lord of the Fading Lands - still yet TBR though - and I checked the other day, but the second one isn't out around her yet. I've heard good things about them though.

Jace said...

The CL Wilson book sounds interesting. Thanks.

Kaitlin said...

I read the first CL Wilson book. LOVED it! Sent her an email & she was nice enough to email me back.

Can't wait to read the second half. It's definitely like reading one long book rather than 2 separate ones. THat's basically what these 2 are anyway. :)

I also recommend Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost. I found it at Borders & really enjoyed it. The heroine Cat is very cool & Bones is a super hot hero. Yum!

nath said...

I too have the CL Wilson book and I think it's sadly going to remain in my TBR pile... should have check b4 buying that it was fey!

The new Stephanie Rowe is quite good :D

Jennie said...

I had the first Wilson book in my hand the other day in the bookstore, but I didn't buy. Now I wish I had--she's getting a lot of good buzz.

Anonymous said...

I have Lord of the Fading Lands, it sounds awesome. I thought I'd wait to read it when I had the sequel in hand. I have a feeling I'm going to want to read them straight through.
Jane A.