Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Great North and South Crusade Continues...

Day 3
The Pajama Party Comes to an End....

Like all good things, they must come to and end, and this means out lovely PJ chat on the merits of North and South, John and Margaret's romance and Richard Armitage himself. And if you think you have had fun reading our insightful and educational chat, Part 3 will amaze and astound. (Better not drink anything while reading, you may end up spraying your computer)
And tomorrow will be even better because we have a SPECIAL GUEST INTERVIEW that will be posted. Who could it be you wonder? Here's a hint - Kristie likes to compare Richard to Derek from Dreaming of You. Hmmmm...

Sula: I think Richard Armitage is still single
Kristie(J): Really?
Sula: yup
Kristie(J): *thinking*
Sula: Buy a ticket to Hungary
KatieBabs: I checked IMDB and he is single
Kristie(J): I wonder how much a flight to Budapest would cost
Sula: woot!
KatieBabs: No woman in his life! Road trip!
Sula: Yup!
Kristie(J): All three of us!
Sula: I have a Hungarian friend, maybe she will let us crash at her place. For real
KatieBabs: Imagine that??
Kristie(J): * laughing and sighing at the thought*
Sula: Tell him that his fame has spread beyond North and South fans and is not a viral infection in the romance reading community now
Kristie(J): And we have this campaign going
KatieBabs: definitely!
Kristie(J): And if he gets royalties
Sula: hehe
Sula: Katiebabs, did you watch any of the Vicar of Dibley episodes on Youtube? You really do have to. He is adorable. so FUNNY
Kristie(J): Oh you do!! He is SO different and shy
KatieBabs: He has been on an episode of Cold Case I have watched and in a Speedo. I like him with a little scruff
Sula: Ala Robin Hood?
Kristie(J): Oh man - Robin Hood! He is GORGEOUS
KatieBabs: If I was Marian I would forget Robin, marry Guy and give him all the babies he wanted. Guy hmmmm. What a guy!
Sula: s'riously that cape!
Kristie(J): those penetrating eyes
KatieBabs: I watched the first season of Robin Hood over the summer and I though Robin was wimpy. But Guy... ohh laa laa
Sula: Me too katiebabs
Kristie(J): I haven't seen any of it yet - but soon! Yes very soon!
Sula: I remember watching it and thinking that robin I could do without but the bad guy...
Kristie(J): Did you know who he was then?
Sula: No! That's what surprised me afterwards. When I saw North and South, I kept thinking that he looked vaguely familiar. hehe! Yeah, and then post-N&S when I was looking him up online...I figured it out
KatieBabs: Me too Sula! I was forwarding the scenes with Robin to get to Guy and even when he murdered someone, I thought that was so hot! I had no clue who he was, just that he was very yummy. Now I want to watch Season 2! all 21 episodes of Robin Hood
Kristie(J): I think he's a fabulous actor to go from Vicar to N&S then to Robin Hood
Sula: Yeah, very different roles
Kristie(J): And the bedtime story telling! Such a hoot
Sula: Isn't that the cutest thing? hello...my name is Richard
KatieBabs: Ah man, I need to watch these videos.
Sula: Yes!
Kristie(J): He's so .....enthusiastic telling those stories - quite a difference from the restrained John Thornton

KatieBabs: OMG the dinosaur!!!
KatieBabs: cbeebies?
Sula: Some British kid’s series
KatieBabs: I want to jump in the booth right now!
Sula: I know. It's so different to see him in casual clothes, no?
KatieBabs: omg now he is speaking Scottish
Sula: I know!!! double squee
KatieBabs: his eyes, such beautiful eyes And you... and me!!!
Kristie(J): Ooooh - that accent
KatieBabs: OCH!
Kristie(J): Och lassie
Sula: you just can't resist
KatieBabs: I will have 9 kids with him and name them all Jamie
KatieBabs: or Richard

Sula: haha
Sula: Jamie...sigh

Kristie(J): You can tell he must like kids to do that *g*
KatieBabs: hello my name is Richard!
Sula: love the way he says RICHard
Kristie(J): I love to hear him say KRIStie
Sula: I would love to hear him read stories to me. Bedtime stories. The adult kind
Kristie(J): Oh - how adorable when he says squirrel!
KatieBabs: Kristie I am now ruined for all other men
KatieBabs: Which brother could Richard play?

Sula: hmm
KatieBabs: Z?
Sula: No, not skinny enough
Kristie(J): The first one - what's his name? The king!
KatieBabs: Phury?
Sula: Wrath? I like him for Rhage, or maybe Phury
KatieBabs: Phury!
Sula: Yeah, I think Phury
KatieBabs: Those eyes of his!
Sula: They're pretty much the shiznit
Sula: Some nice shots in this one
KatieBabs: If he played Rhage he would need blonde highlights
Kristie(J): So who in their right mind would prefer Robin over him????
Sula: No sane woman, that's for sure
KatieBabs: More slash?! lol
Sula: yep lmao
KatieBabs: Robin would give pecks, Guy would eat a women whole!
Sula: mmm.
KatieBabs: Marian is a twit. Forget about Robin

Sula: Guy is a much better choice he is a tortured romantic hero who just needs the love of a good woman
KatieBabs: They need a new woman for him other than Marian who can appreciate him. That could be me
Kristie(J): Or me
Sula: Me. Or it could be an Emma Holly story and be all of us
Kristie(J): I read where they were delving more into his character and history in the second season
Sula: No, it looks like an interview but the Guy of Gisbourne clip is...thud hawt! "beg"
Kristie(J): OK - we shall have to wrap it up then *g* Sula! I can't watch and type at the same time
Sula: hehe OK, but trust me, you will like this one
KatieBabs: His smile!
Sula: The beginning anyways
Kristie(J): OK - I've already seen that - a couple of times
Sula: hahaha Beat me to it, did you
KatieBabs: He is so modest. I love his nose and his ears and his scuff
Kristie(J): Yep I did *g*
Sula: aww
Kristie(J): And his shyness
Sula: Eyes
KatieBabs: and his hair
Sula: and everything
Kristie(J): that's why I love the Jann Arden video
KatieBabs: his eyebrows
Sula: OK, so anyways, back to the North and South thing
KatieBabs: looks at those hands!
Kristie(J): But isn't he adorable in that interview??
KatieBabs: and those jeans! And I really need to go to bed and dream
Sula: *sigh*
Kristie(J): Right! North and South - that's why we are here
Sula: Richard Armitage is just too distracting!
Kristie(J): Focus! Focus! *g*
KatieBabs: er.... how are you going to edit this? lol
Sula: Cut out the tree sex
KatieBabs: hahah
Sula: "you inspired a lot of attention, particularly on the internet"
Sula: really
Kristie(J): Well - was going to start copying from where we started talking N&S
Sula: and then stop where we started gushing about RA

Kristie(J): So then - Katie - why do you think others should watch North and South in a short answer?
KatieBabs: People should watch North and South because it is an incredible romance that includes the topics of family, feminism, and class society. And mainly the final scene! Flowers and trees and riding the train. Okay, I must go now. On that note! Richard rules and I want to be his mistress! (against a tree!)
Sula: I would recommend North and South for both the very satisfying romance but also for the unique look at a period of history that we don't always get to see...the industrial revolution. I would add that the romance feels very real and well-developed. You understand WHY these two should be together.
Sula: And now for you, Kristie

Kristie(J): OK - me. I think North and South is a romance come to the screen. We often wish they would make movies out of romance books. Well they did that with this. In addition, we get to see so many other things, class struggles, working man/employer struggles. We often mourn for richer more historically correct books. One can get it all in this series

(They are the true hard core fans)


sula said...

*snort* So much for cutting out all of the silly giggly stuff and tricking people into thinking we're distinguished thinkers. lol.

oh man, I can't believe you left the Robin/Guy slash video in!!! bwahaha!

erm, on a more sedate note, I finally regained my copy of the N&S DVD after having loaned it to a classmate who kept "forgetting" to return it (for a month!) I can't wait to rewatch it this weekend.

Kaitlin said...

does anyone have a spare copy of this movie I could watch? I've been to every video store here in Portland & nobody has a copy of it. :( I'm on disability right now and not allowed to be on a computer much. I've been spending the last 3 weeks in a brace watching movies galore.

If you'd be willing to lend me a copy, I'd promise with everything in me to get it back to u in a timely manner...is it on DVD?

If so, I would really, really appreciate it. :) Kristie you've got me all interested & everything. Shame on you. :D

Devon said...

I'll be watching all those youtube links later.

I'm intrigued about the RH series too. Always love Robin Hood stories.

Tumperkin said...

Thanks for the pj posts ladies. You'll have to do this format again.